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by:Chengyi     2020-06-28
According to ningbo, zhangjiagang, Qingdao, guangdong and other places cotton traders feedback, OE yarn, 7 - almost a week 16 s siro spinning and ring spun yarn inquiry, the overall shipments are declining, C21S, high C32S Vietnam, India, Indonesia with BaoPiao yarn needs more light. Only some OE10S, OE16S, OE21S high and imported yarn is cowboy. ltd, clinch a deal shirt factory used as instead of ring spinning & other Poor & throughout; 。 Since early June, except some Indian yarn outside dish quotation is still relatively strong, Vietnam, Pakistan, central Asia yarn dollar price continue to Yin, traders in the upstream and downstream & other; Cracks & throughout; In under pressure. Jiangsu changzhou some importers, said may arrived in China's main port of delivery, for the bonded import yarn number 16 - is expected 170000 tons, much lower than some agencies, large enterprises prediction of 200000 tons, but due to the yarn for weeks to import customs clearance, sales slump ( Some traders even more than a week yet opened) Decreased, although arrived, but each port imported yarn inventory is rising, traders pressure & other; Over, & throughout; Increased. From the investigation, at present, shandong, guangdong market in India and Pakistan C32S high price of about 22400 - match BaoPiao yarn 22600 yuan/ton ( Vietnam C32S BaoPiao slightly lower 50 - since the winding 100 yuan/ton) ; Guangdong, jiangsu, zhejiang market C32S BaoPiao yarn prices have dropped to 21800 - 22000 yuan/ton, inside and outside the yarn price 500 yuan/ton. Part of weaving mill and middlemen, although C21S since mid-may, C32S, JC21S, JC32S import yarn price cut 300 - 500 yuan/ton, traders percentage of loss-incurring enterprises continue to expand, but compared with domestic yarn - from 23300 Fell to 21900-23500 RMB per ton 22100 yuan/ton, the import yarn price down by more than 6% for some really & other; Take out & throughout; ( CY2001 contract disk prices fell from 25295 to 20515, or 18. 9%) 。 At present the domestic yarn price advantage is obvious. On the one hand, zheng cotton lead 2018/19 cotton spot, national cotton reserves out of the floor price slump, decline in cotton mills cost & other; Immediate & throughout; ; On the other hand, the boom of terminal textile clothing export, sale in domestic market order is dropped sharply, weaving mill, garment factory slow or even stop purchasing cotton yarn, grey cloth, in response to the uncertainty of a trade war with China. Part 6 - cotton traders plan July intensify price, promotions, and even to jilt goods, & other; Recognition on clothing throughout kui &; , recycling payment as a priority, is a domestic cotton prices & other; Bottom & throughout; It is too early; The second is for a trade war with China continue to upgrade worries; Three import yarn adjustment is significantly lower than futures, domestic yarn, belong to & other; Fill down & throughout; ; Four is 6 - July price outside dish India, Pakistan, Vietnam yarn delivery, warehousing impact; Fifth, port & other; Yarn packed & throughout; Delivery pressure, traders, cash flow is generally tight; Six is the RMB exchange rate from fall to rise, the import yarn clearance costs down.
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