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by:Chengyi     2020-06-29
According to places such as guangdong, jiangsu, zhejiang, shandong cotton trade enterprises, ports bonded since late July, customs clearance of the uninsured cotton yarn inventory rose slightly, not only C40S and above general comb combing/compact spinning cotton inquiry, outbound continues to weaken, depressed, and previous trading C32S failings and ring spinning and 8 s - below 16 s siro-spun clinch a deal the Pakistan also again cold and cheerless, C21S, 32 s woven yarn delivery slightly better than knitting yarn) , OE yarn into the only & other; FIG leaf & throughout; 。 And volume form echo, nearly more than a week to import yarn no matter outside dish or inside dish quotation back adjustment trend, including India, Pakistan cotton yarn FOB and CNF, CIF quotation, central Asia and other places more than Vietnam declines in cotton yarn. The personage inside course of study analysis, one is July ICE period cotton fell sharply on cotton mill pricing influence gradually reflect ( The main contract low of 61. In April 66, the middle fell more than 20%) ; 2 it is because of China, Bangladesh, Europe and other buyers signed import cotton yarn inventory pressure of led to a sharp fall in India, Pakistan cotton, cotton mill run, exporters have to reduce the price. Jiangsu, zhejiang, henan and other places weaving mill, traders said, compared with bonded yarn, & other; Futures yarn & throughout; Declines in dollars, clearance cotton RMB quotation is more & other; Defensive & throughout; That is not synchronized; One is the cotton yarn cost is higher, traders losses exit unwilling; The second is eight October sale in domestic market started full of expectation; Three is one of the world towards easing monetary policy, China will adopt a quasi, directional accurate reduction and even cut interest rates to stimulate the real economy; Four is at the end of July, dye house, garment factories, foreign trade companies, such as weaving enterprise raw material inventory is low, once sell orders & other; Back & throughout; , massive library will immediately start; Five is to sino-us trade negotiations is not short, as the United States to China's 110 kinds of imported goods to lift tariffs and restart the American agricultural imports in China, in both China and the United States to negotiate a compromise, compromise in the talks, will effectively solve the trade dispute. From the investigation, inside and outside the cotton yarn price 100 - strong occurrence peak in July 150 yuan/ton widening, traders short-term delivery pressure, still need to wait for news, positive stimulus, still need & other; Time in space & throughout; , to achieve the solution set of or a slight profit.
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