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by:Chengyi     2020-06-28
According to jiangsu, zhejiang, shandong and other places of cotton trade enterprise, since late may port customs clearance, bonded, 7 - August shipment import yarn offer overall weak callback, C32S, over 40 s and comb, combed yarn inquiry, delivery is relatively slow; OE yarn, high C21S and below with BaoPiao yarn price effect is obvious, clinch a deal the poor; But with Vietnam, Indonesia, Pakistan cotton yarn FOB and CNF price under different, yarn in India is stronger in the domestic cotton prices steady, rupee against the dollar, 4 - May mills to reduce production lead to inadequate supply cotton yarn, cotton mill, export enterprises offer has inverse city's willingness to rising prices even slightly, causing the weaving mill, futures traders signed import India yarn for cooling. Import yarn fall endlessly reasons can be summarized as: one is ICE period cotton and cotton spot fell sharply in the world, a sharp drop in raw material costs to the middle and lower reaches of cotton yarn, grey cloth, clothing and other transmission; Second, China's domestic demand for cotton yarn and price double drop, reverse acting on imported yarn renminbi, the dollar offer, exporters, importers have to passively follow suit. From the survey, since mid-april China C32S, common 800-40 s price cut space On May 5, 1000 yuan/ton, especially national cotton reserves startup round out suddenly, a trade war with China to upgrade domestic yarn fell significantly speed up; The same clearance India, Vietnam C32S high BaoPiao yarn, only down 300 - 400 yuan/ton, apparently hasn't caught up with ICE period cotton, zheng cotton yarn, domestic down steps; And China weaving mill, garment factory orders, Some export-oriented enterprise said orders after August and obvious atrophy, transfer to southeast Asia very prominent signs) , directly affect the demand for imported yarn, consumption; Three is RMB devaluation in China's rising cost of imported yarn with national cotton reserves round out of Chinese mills in the decline of the raw material cost is bad superposition, mills abroad, exporters to fight customers, and exports, take the initiative to cut CNF, FOB quotation stimulate the market. Qingdao, zhangjiagang traders analysis, along with the ICE period cotton main contract bounce back 65 cents/pound, Vietnam, Pakistan, Indonesia and other countries mills, export enterprises panic price, cast goods mentality also disappear, bonded, spot, far month shipment cotton yarn price will come into a period of stabilization, rise; Compared with more than 40 s and import high count yarn, low a ring spun, OE yarn more attractive to China, on the one hand, compared with the national cotton reserves ( Under 21 s and cotton assorting with reserve ChanMian, low index in 2018/19 cotton) The import yarn strength, CV value and neps, hairiness, color and so on a larger advantage ( Imported dyeing uniformity, high color fastness, easy dyeing) ; China-us consultation not publish schedule again on the other hand, escalate fears intensified, so most of weaving mill, garment factory to take down products, standards, to come to circumvent the risk of falling demand, high count low yarn ( Including the OE yarn) Remained relatively stable, import yarn is still & other; Market & throughout; 。
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