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Import yarn: bonded inventory increase yarn 'futures' signing down again - Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-27
According to Qingdao, places such as guangdong, jiangsu and zhejiang cotton traders of feedback, since April occurrence peak, in addition to the OE yarn and ring spinning under C21S shipment inquiry, perfunctory, over 40 s and ring spinning, compact spinning combed and combed yarn trading is obvious walk in February 1, weak, C21S, C32S India and Pakistan, Vietnam is produced with high BaoPiao knitting yarn outbound peaking also fell back. The overall look, bonded, & other Futures yarn & throughout; Such as $offer cotton yarn contract purchase quantity a drop drop; And ports have clearance outside the RMB quotation yarn is still some clinch a deal, but the price is generally fall in March 200 - 300 yuan/ton, traders run price goods, recycling payment enthusiasm is not high, on the one hand, waiting for the sino-us trade negotiations successful compaction hammer ground; On the other hand waiting since march rose's new contract such as India, Pakistan, central Asia yarn arrived, delivery, The yarn yuan rising costs) 。 In addition, according to the current domestic weaving mill, the dealer to accept the price, cotton import enterprise basic no profit or even a slight loss, therefore & other; Hoarding rather than to sell, how & throughout; Have the upper hand. From the survey, by the middle of April, before and after the domestic Qingdao, ningbo, guangzhou port bonded yarn quantity is large, has been in since mid-march & other; Less storage, shipment & throughout; State, especially the siro-spun, C32S and above count combed yarn clinch a deal the weak relatively prominent.
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