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Hubei: yarn orders in short supply - profit breakthrough one thousand yuan Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-19
Recently, the hubei silver accesses the cotton industry to the larger, xiangyang, hubei, local FangQi business situation is good, most of the factory said the downstream yarn sales hot, basically start at all. Local FangQi to 32, 40 yarn count products, below 50000 ingot production enterprises in the majority. Visit, 2 - 30000 pounds FangQi cotton stock 1 - in more 2 months, 60% of the companies use the crop in 2017, with the remaining 40% national cotton reserves. Reflect the local enterprises, national cotton reserves compared to the same level lower spot prices of about 300 yuan/ton, price advantage is obvious. , different from the usual, most local FangQi said yarn sales is very good, now order downstream demand, to meet the demand of downstream customers, part of the plant by outside mining yarn sales to the customer. When it comes to profits, can also said most of the profit, which revealed the yarn mill profits of 1000 yuan/ton. In addition, local businesses equipment upgrade consciousness is strong, and the introduction of imported Italian spinning equipment in one power plant, greatly improve production efficiency.
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