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Hubei sounds to bolls of mildew show cold and cheerless - seed cotton purchase and marketing Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-07-09
Learned, hubei has been recorded in the continuous rainy recently, not only affect the seed cotton picking, more cotton at the bottom of the mildew, rigid disc cotton growing. At present, hubei ZhiJiang area most cotton farmers have picked a lot of cotton, but due to the rainy weather, have not been able to dry. ZhiJiang thyme state of teacher, this year 31 acres of planting cotton, is now hiring picked cotton, what the teacher has been stored 8000 tons of cotton in the home, moisture is larger. What teacher introduction, since September 18, local rainfall events, the field a lot of cotton boll opening, but picking quantity is limited, and no chance to dry, also led to most of the cotton mildew. Master huang also had a more than 4000 catties of cotton in the home, half of which is jiang disc cotton, now can not sell on price. Due to continuous rain, is not conducive to pick flowers, yellow teacher has made leaf medicine, want to take back in fine weather. Is expected on Thursday ( 19) The weather clears, local farmers should make hay while the sun shines, dry cotton picking. In addition, from a few farmers know, part of the cotton picking amount has reached about 50%, almost no selling. It is understood that ZhiJiang local cotton mills seed cotton purchase price in 3. 3 - 3. 4 yuan/jins, large volume, one is the cotton farmers think the price is not clear, want to emotional thick; Second, the poor quality seed cotton, rigid disc more than cotton, water, enterprises can't purchase volumes. At present, hubei ZhiJiang market buying and selling cold and cheerless, after the rain, is expected to be the fine weather, cotton farmers after drying the seed cotton, there will be a sell peak.
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