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Huarong textile town: a piece of cotton yarn woven - billions industry Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-24
On October 4th night 'hunan news broadcast' turned their lens on cotton yarn, with the huarong textile town: a piece of cotton yarn woven billions industry ', with more than three minutes of time of the reported huarong cotton spinning industry development situation. In yueyang huarong savol town, town residents use their cotton yarn, constantly raise quality, and the transformation and upgrading, woven huarong 'billions industry'. Foer kang cotton culture museum is the first in China to 'cotton' as the theme of the museum, cannot leave a collection of cultural relics, pictures, etc. 'cotton' word. But this is the glory of the past, affected by domestic and foreign policy, in recent years many large textile enterprises bankruptcy, cotton cultivation gradually atrophic, huarong textile industry also once in trouble. Hunan kechuang textile co. , LTD. , chairman of Lu Siqing: surface is a problem of the market, is actually the deep problems, is a problem of the industry to upgrade. Lu Siqing is chairman of hunan kechuang textile company, lurching in the textile industry for 30 years. Facing the new situation of textile industry, realize soberly, to development must be achieved through technology and innovation. Now, kechuang textile can remote control more than 80% of the production equipment, Italy, the United States and other countries followed by seeking cooperation of textile equipment manufacturing enterprises. Savio machine manufacturing company in the Asia Pacific sales director francesco Thai sorin: kechuang textile is in a beautiful small town, it shows the town on the other hand, is science and technology innovation. Kechuang textile after the transformation and upgrading, product positioning in the professional production of high-end precision siro spinning combed and all kinds of siro-spinning denim yarn, and the least amount of labor and the optimal quality wins the favor of the market, and gradually becomes the world's premium brands multiple yarn provider. Hunan kechuang textile chairman Lu Siqing: phase ii production by the end of this year, when we win the overall scale textile hundreds of ingot, the annual sales of more than ten billions. Government support, the recovery of the market and industry development of strong, attracted many coastal clothing enterprises settled in huarong, also drove the person of hometown back to hometown built home boom, ming-jun Yang is one of them. Years earlier he founded garment enterprises, in the coastal town of Yang Jiaqiao innovation pioneer park construction, after he repeatedly contrast both advantage of policy and resources, finally choose establishment home early-morning clothing co. , LTD. , being the local textile and garment enterprises, 23 a year and a half time, factory will absorb surrounding workforce of 160 people. Huarong early-morning clothing company general manager ming-jun Yang: means of textile enterprises, complementary between businesses is very big, easy to take the enterprise bigger and stronger now, huarong county a total of 79 textile enterprises, with 'China textile city', 'hunan province textile industry base county' and so on a number of honorary titles, engaged in cotton planting cotton farmers nearly 100000 people, directly involved in the crimped wire 1, textile processing. 20000 people, the relevant trade, logistics, staff 8000 people, now the industry gross industrial output value of 10 billion yuan.
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