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Huarong textile into steps and vigorous - 'billions industry' Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-07-06
On February 22, the reporter in hunan branch force jia textiles co. , LTD. , warehouse door see move forklift, truck queue. 'Usually is only starts after the fifteenth day of the people will be full production this year. 'The chairman of the board of directors of the company Cai Xianbiao with excitement, since the technical improvement on the combing compact siro-spun, its products have been in short supply, orders for two to the end of June now. Huarong county textile and garment industry development environment is undergoing profound changes, the county comprehensive promote the reform of structure of the supply side, the construction of 'China textile city' as one of three brands of the county to build, set up by the spearhead of the county party committee secretary Liu Tiejian headquarters of textile and garment industry development, is committed to creating billions industry. In recent 2 years, the county to guide enterprises to the courage of scraping the bone healing, promote the development of industrial transformation and upgrading and innovation, a total of 28 invested 1 billion yuan on the new technological upgrading projects, all the introduction of international and domestic leading technology. Textile enterprises 'grafting' new technology, make the product by the condition of the weak market quickly 'reborn', the county stone v textile industrial park 'bloom' : the new output value 3 billion yuan, the new technological upgrading projects on campus annual output value reached 6. 5 billion yuan, accelerate industrial agglomeration effect. 'After modification, the county textile product realization by the' fair 'to personalized, differentiated products, all orders for products goods price pretty tight. 'Have been engaged in textile industry supply side to explore the practice of huarong county secretary of the ministry Li Jiarong delight. To work on the first day of lunar New Year this year, huarong Liu Tiejian, secretary of the county party committee, the county magistrate TaoWeiJun then research to accelerate the development of textile industrial park, 'technological innovation' was listed in 'the first essence', targeting 'break through the output value of 10 billion yuan this year, three to five years to the county textile industry output value of the ascent to 50 billion yuan of above. On the same day, the textile co. , LTD and hunan branch of hunan kechuang force jia textiles co. , LTD. 109 mu of land expansion were on the spot arrangement, for other textile enterprise land, 120 mu of innovative expansion as a 'homework' for the relevant departments. On February 10th, mighty alive Yang Jiaqiao innovation pioneer park, called new meijia the infant child costumes, early-morning apparel companies such as boss, apparel industry development office and the park construction site, request this year to complete the height 21 layer, a total construction area of 4. E-commerce comprehensive building 350000 square meters of construction, start the 1000 sets of public housing construction, at present, the construction of the project is underway. County leadership so seriously! Under such a big determination! Textile enterprises are a punch. Just sign big from Shanghai Ming sheng textile co. , LTD. , chairman of the hunan Zhang Shanqing told reporters that he is ready to 40 million yuan of funds, are in the process of new non-woven production line; Hunan kechuang textile co. , LTD. , chairman of Lu Siqing said that he will invest 30 million yuan to expand again. Despite the chill, huarong textile industrial park, the machine running, booming production, enterprises 'spring' has become, 'abundant' only time.
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