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by:Chengyi     2020-06-30
1, reasonable adjustment of detaching roller veering timed, closing clamp plate, cylinder positioning parameters, adjust the separation of the drafting of rubber roller and rubber roller pressure, the rational allocation of detaching roller set between the width of the cotton ( The width of the new type of cotton comber in this adjustable) To improve the quality of the separation of joint. If and fiber length and cotton feeding length is longer, detaching roller clockwise rotation timing should be appropriate in advance, especially when forward to cotton. But should take into account the back cylinder needle after detaching roller inverted early tooth interference with the end of a cotton net inside machine. Article from improving joint quality, reduce dry irregularity, clamp plate closure time too early, otherwise open far, influence have to bundle up straight and thus affect the separation joint quality. Sooner or later, but should pay attention to clamp plate closure timing for cylinder started grooming clamp plate jaw grip the reliability of the cotton layer, must deal with the relationship between these factors restrict each other and influence each other. 2, and properly configured drafting drafting process. After drafting article yarn evenness irregularity in general is big, if improper draft configuration, will further worsen evenness, therefore, shall, in accordance with the article combing quantitative, fiber length, after the process of drafting ability and good configuration parameters, such as drafting draft, roller spacing and the amount of pressure. In the domestic new combing machine, drafting system USES the bigger of the two article combing quantitative ( Smaller draft) , to ensure the evenness of combed article, also can reduce the speed of the coiler institutions, reference in the other models. Zone draft after type FA266 combing machine designed to be adjustable, increase the flexibility of adjustment, is advantageous to the reasonable adjustment of process parameters, improve the dry evenness. 3, reasonable control tension draft of each part. Since combed article is composed of one must plexus joint, and fiber parallel straight degree is high, the holding force between the fiber is poor, prone to stretch, so, in the case of does not produce the sliver chung wrinkle, tension draft should be less as far as possible had better, after drafting drafting, tension draft close to 1 as well. 4, to keep the cylinder, top comb machinery in good condition, not embedded blouse, drafting of isolation rubber roller, rubber roller and press roller normal selling, flexible rotation, yarn through channels is bright and clean, prevent damage article yarn structure and stretch.
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