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High quality cotton in xinjiang trucks out of the xinjiang rally - easing Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-07-06
According to the survey, in recent days in jiangsu, zhejiang, anhui and other places warehouse 2129/3129 (southern border The breaking strength - 27 28cN/tex) Hand picking cotton, 2128/3128 ( The breaking strength - 27 28cN/tex) Hand picking cotton and fixed price respectively is 16300 - 16400 yuan/ton, 16200 - 16300 yuan/ton, but the actual clinch a deal, the seller will generally benefit - 50 100 yuan/ton. Mainland libraries shihezi, kuytun, shawan origin pick up cotton 'double 29' machine set of the 16000 - quotation 16200 yuan/ton, the whole, the high quality high grade 2016/17 XinJiangMian by zheng cotton main futures contract fell below 15500 yuan/ton, 15300 yuan/ton, and national cotton reserves wheel clinch a deal the price cut is not outstanding, the influence of continuous 100 - traders are active at reduced prices 200 yuan/ton, drop significantly lagged behind the zheng period and low quality XinJiangMian or ChanMian. Henan FangQi says, in contrast with inside and outside xinjiang high quality cotton, nearly more than a week to bonded warehouse in xinjiang (3127/2127, 3128/2128 The breaking strength is lower than 26 cn/Tex) The cotton price cut - 300 500 yuan/ton, but few buyers still inquiry and pick up the goods. Bachu, aksu, korla, several regulatory library reflect, nearly more than a week to cotton trucks outbound volume bottoms out finally, flow mainly in henan, shandong and jiangsu, hubei and other places, on May 29 - On June 4, a comprehensive xinjiang highway out of more than 1. 90000 tons. Industry analysis, on the one hand, by the end of may, northern xinjiang each pick up cotton cotton ginning mill machine that maketh all sold, Left a small amount of low quality decline in late take attention) , some mainland FangQi procurement staff to see goods, inquiry focus to southern xinjiang; Since may, on the other hand, due to the cotton in xinjiang to rise much faster in the mainland, clinch a deal, pick up the goods encounter cold cool, activity decreased, traders and a small amount of stock up cotton processing enterprises had to move to library marketing. According to understand, because recently period CF1709 zheng Yin fell more than ( June 6 (15200 yuan/ton) , trade enterprises 'dot' price purchasing XinJiangMian encounter greater resistance, disk price low, traders to formulate the basis of large, discount low premium high impact on sellers confidence.
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