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High price of cotton in the Yellow River in cotton, cotton mills have difficulty - Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-07-05
Recently, the 'xinjiang acquisition work of the crop was in full swing, and the acquisition of the Yellow River basin, the market is slack, cotton, cotton mills, each have each difficulty. 'Now, had been on the market price is high of purpose. '11, hebei hengshui a li farmers, since the end of August to pick, home to save cotton rose to more than 1700 jins, but has one or two cotton didn't sell. According to the report, cotton, cotton prices now two pieces of leather. Cotton farmers according to cost accounting, think seed cotton price is lower than 3. 80 - 4. 00 yuan/jin do not have what good, pretty price rised to the strong. Shandong a cotton one large zhang said mournfully, even this kind of nature. He package of 270 mu, 80 mu of cotton, 190 mu of corn. It is hard to imagine this year, corn prices cheaper, so far, shandong, hebei and other places the food sector bid 0. 68 - 0. Down 0 72 yuan/jin, is normal. Around 30 yuan/kg. Although cotton prices are slightly higher this year, three mainstream price in hebei province. 60 - 3. 75 yuan/jin, Lint 40%, moisture regain 12%) Several cotton ginning mill, but do not buy, and most of this price 400 cotton ginning mill also not recognized. 'Very not easy for good prices, but don't know when to sell cotton. 'Mr Zhang said. Most cotton ginning mill think unginned cotton price is a little high at the moment, the cotton ginning mill feel hesitate to buy. So far, regulatory library level 3128 in xinjiang cotton price 16000 yuan/tons, the mainland was only in 14700-3128 level Near 15000 yuan/ton. 'Now I can't accept, accept the more likely it is the more losses. '11, shandong liaocheng a type 400 cotton ginning mill has yet to begin business, officials say, is a spot to sell. Their factory recently contacted many FangQi, traders, asking price and sales of the crop, get reply is not very optimistic; The second is a cotton seed prices. As of 11, shandong cottonseed DaoChangJia in 1. 49 - 151 yuan/jin, down from last week 0. 5 yuan/catty about; Hebei cottonseed DaoChangJia in 1. 41 - 1. 45 yuan/catty on the line, also fell 0. 04 - 0. 6 yuan/kg. Many cotton ginning mill are worried about cotton seed prices fell, resistance to seed cotton purchase work. Cotton farmers because of cotton sold motionless, and heart injury; Cotton mills for opening cannot begin business, and gaunt. Everybody is waiting for the market turnaround, looking forward to 'cock a white world'.
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