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Henan nanyang: FangQi order clinch a deal the price is low - rare yarn Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-30
According to the national cotton market monitoring system in nanyang monitoring station news, local FangQi sales are still struggling, few orders. From the point of sales data last week, most FangQi still have no order to pick up, only a few FangQi due to the production of many varieties, good quality, order can be maintained, but the number is not big. From the point of order situation, how to comb at 32 - And half fine thin yarn 21-40 32-40, combed yarn Forty is given priority to, in 3 - order quantity 5 tons, big difficult to clinch a deal, clinch a deal the price is relatively low. The combed yarn 20500-32 price 21500 yuan/ton, combed yarn 40, 21500 - the price 22500 yuan/ton, semi combed yarn 21, 21000 - the price 22000 yuan/ton, semi combed yarn 21500-32 price 22500 yuan/ton, semi combed yarn clinch a deal valence 22000-40 23500 yuan/ton, 22000-32 teams combed yarn price 24000 yuan/ton, combed yarn 40, 23000 - the price 24500 yuan/ton ( Price above is including price, delivery to the factory) 。 Other varieties of cotton yarn no inquiry and order, the present market mainly wait-and-see. Woven cloth order less, inquiry, the market keep cold and cheerless, knit current is given priority to with double-sided cloth order, more quantity is not big, but have orders to produce, in 3 - more Clinch a deal for 5 metric tons, single-sided cloth, the current market quotation is not much, only sporadic orders, clinch a deal the quantity in 1 - at a time 3 tons, cash spot, delivery DaoChangJia clinch a deal.
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