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Hebei: yarn order overall anemic FangQi purchasing raw materials - carefully Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-07-02
Recent hebei around the yarn prices are still low, although some textile mills plan slightly raised its offer, but due to less order, competition is intense, the yarn price can only maintain the status quo. According to baoding, hengshui, shijiazhuang and other places textile controller introduces, pure cotton yarn, combed 21 s, 32 s, 40 s mainstream price 19300 yuan/ton, 20500 yuan/ton, 21700 yuan/ton, the previous basic flat, in the process of the real deal, part of the mills to inventory as soon as possible, tend to have certain benefits behavior. According to market feedback, air spinning, 16 s and 12 s part combed 21 s, 32 s sales fair outside, other general unsalable. As of November 29, hebei area air spinning 12 s, 16 s price 13100 yuan/ton, 13400 yuan/ton, compared with the previous few days flat; Combing the 21 s, 32 s price 21000 yuan/ton, 22200 yuan/ton, the previous stabilized. According to the analysis, the recent yarn sales pressure basically has the following several aspects: 1. China-us economic and trade consultation is still no progress. Because of concerns that the downstream textile clothing and fabric exports continue to be silenced, many textile mills more careful management, under the sino-us trade no significant improvement in signal, will maintain the business idea. 2. National purchasing plan. Related department this year purchase announcement, plans to purchase 500000 tons, it gives the steady market into a stone, calm water, is no longer quiet late how can I get prices? Textile mills how to develop the procurement plan? Have very big uncertainty. 3. Orders generally anemic, enterprise capacity utilization is low. The downstream business inventories, grey cloth, fabric sourcing yarn buy along with it, cause each enterprise order is still insufficient, can only keep to the middle of December, dare not production volumes. It is understood that the hebei province is given priority to with under 50000 ingot small-scale manufacturers, operating at about 75%. Influenced by the situation, textile mills along with it to buy more on raw materials procurement, mainly the following three aspects: 1. Of ChanMian is given priority to with credit. On November 29, baoding plant controller introduces, at present to ChanMian price 13000 yuan/ton (level 3128 Gross weight, pick up the goods) Type, the price is not high, but the local 400 cotton ginning mill hand supply of goods generally lower, generally up to dozens of tons, hundreds of tons of a manufacturer, purchasing payment days to 30 days commonly, such enterprise good turnover. 2. Part of the textile mill from traders in his hand. Part in production with high, high count in the textile mills of cotton quality request is higher, only from traders buy XinJiangMian or imports of cotton, and other Double 29 & throughout; XinJiangMian DaoChangJia - 13700 13900 yuan/ton, individual reached 14000 yuan/ton. 3. Company to purchase in xinjiang. Many textile company to xinjiang aksu, korla, purchasing XinJiangMian, xinjiang library point & other; Double 28 & throughout; 13100 - pick up cotton machine delivery price 13300 yuan/ton, & other; Double 28 & throughout; Hand picked cotton - 13200 13500 yuan/ton. Order to sum up, due to the recession, textile mill is also a variety of means to purchase raw materials, and given priority to with along with it to buy, this is both suppress lint spot, also increased the risk for textile, yarn in the future how to go? In the external environment on the premise of no significant positive, yarn or still smooth continuation of the current weakness.
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