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Hebei tangshan seed cotton purchase price continues to fall lint sales slow - Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-07-10
This week, tang shan area on a clear day, good for cotton picking acquisition. According to the national cotton market monitoring system in hebei tangshan accesses monitoring stations, seed cotton picking the progress in the region in 70 - now 90%, is expected to finish early November to pick. According to a local cotton mills, the early stage of the acquisition work a slight pause, but has recently returned to normal, daily volume in ten catties, seed cotton purchase price of 3 3128 b level. 4 yuan/kg, Lint 38%, moisture regain, 11 - 12%) Cut 0, relatively early. 5 yuan/kg. The main reason for seed cotton purchase price decline is the lint sales slow, the recent volume is small. At present, lint quote 15400-3129 b level Cotton price 15500 yuan/ton, 4129 class b, 15000 - 15100 yuan/ton, cotton mills unprofitable. Market is expected in the near future seed cotton purchase prices are much less likely, or will be steady. Lint sales season or will be later than the expected time, is expected in mid to late November to December.
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