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Hebei shangdong and henan province: yarn market continue - weak ratios is declining Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-29
Last week, 8. 5 - 8. 9) Learned from the parties, the yarn market hebei shangdong and henan province area is low. Affected by lower prices of raw materials, the overall price of cotton yarn and volume both weak. Overall weak market, many merchants and subjective wait-and-see psychology, on the other hand is the performance of many FangQi funds objectively in the off-season is very lack, serious to the point of robbing Peter to pay Paul. Some FangQi feedback in shandong, the two months, the off-season period itself less orders, market is not stable, the receivable status has been bad, every month in order to maintain normal production, is to gather together the purchase of cotton, very not easy to gather together enough cotton, and then make high electricity during the summer, and gather together the state of the workers' wages, vicious circle, feel every day in the worry for money, make money pressure to breathe. Last week in hebei shangdong and henan province yarn market reaction, needs no obvious increase, most FangQi machines have a spare. Hebei a factory is introduced: although the off-season period of decline in sales, but the machine on the varieties of orders is not enough, seems to be in for subsequent orders all the time and trouble, and the off-season period of decline in gross margin is more, the difference of the peak season period order is more, processing level is higher; Off-season period, variation order gradually reduce, the machine of spare and can't stop, can only meet some mainland conventional varieties, such as varieties of downstream clients are interacting, malicious, left to the manufacturer's processing fee level is relatively low, in the short term the mainland variety of gross profit margin or even negative. Even so, individual manufacturer machines still cannot operate at full capacity, in view of the lack of order variety, can only temporarily do some mainland stock varieties, but in the face of cotton prices is not so stable risk problem, general manufacturers choose stock varieties such as polyester-cotton blended yarn.
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