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Hebei shangdong and henan province: season had a slow start to yarn market ( 8. 28) - - - - - - Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-30
According to understand, hebei a given FangQi raw material for its nuclear price within this week: 12700 yuan/ton, cotton polyester staple fiber 7200 yuan/ton, viscose staple 11500 yuan/ton. Look from the price of raw materials, raw material prices are falling, this will mean of downstream cotton yarn inventory continues to decline. So FangQi downstream are also follow market, actively adjust the price for shipment, otherwise not profit, but at a loss. At present, the development of the hebei shangdong and henan province yarn market according to the usual schedule, should be active market situation has started, and this year's performance is not obvious, is still very low. Affected by raw material prices falling at the same time, the conventional varieties of upstream order is also cautious, so big on the market at present not much, much is a small single order woven spinning, in short term rapid way, more afraid to stock up. , by contrast, differentiated yarn market feedback information, or to the good development situation, special fiber yarns, fabrics enquiry, quotation are active, single quantity is stable. In addition, as is now during the winter rushed orders according to the feedback of conventional yarn, air spinning as well as high quality yarn is relatively smooth shipment.
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