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Hebei fertility situation is set three characteristics surfaced - cotton city Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-07-08
Recently, hebei hengshui, xingtai, handan and baoding, cangzhou, recorded in present productive situation, such as cotton picking positive of the crop, cotton ginning mill begin business acquisitions in succession. In this harvest season, cotton city has three big characteristics set market an alert. Characteristic one: the new cotton production high and cangzhou one of old cotton planting large family, they were in the mountains of salt, huanghua area this year contract more than 100 mu of cotton fields, due to the hebei cotton this year after the drought waterlogging, affect cotton pollination, peach, and coastal cotton fields is given priority to with saline-alkali land, development degree is low, when dry, without water and without draining waterlogging. Salt mountain, huanghua in cotton leaves on the high side, bolls of few and small, is expected to yield this year around 200 jin/mu. From the perspective of a recent harvest seed cotton, short length and rigid disc, poor quality. In contrast, some old cotton cotton is high. Many farmers said that yield in 500 - is expected this year 600 jin/mu, even more than usual. Features two: active type 400 type 200 factory factory wait-and-see is reported that as of 19, begin business type 200 small factory in hebei province continues to increase, a market source said: 'the small factory with the advantage of 'small ship well run onboard, perhaps sing leading role this year is the usual humble small factory. '400 type cotton ginning mill begin business is still less. Through the understanding, attitude, head of 400 type cotton ginning mill there are two main types, one is going to wait for cotton begin business again after a large number of listed, another is hesitating whether to begin business this year. In 2017, big and small factory battle has just begun, let's wait and see. Features three: FangQi procurement is given priority to with fixed-point recently, part of the larger FangQi no longer scattered purchase cotton, mainly in several good credit, resource rich to purchase cotton mills. For example, hebei shijiazhuang a FangQi, said: 'due to long-term relations of cooperation, everyone trust, long-term cooperation with several commonly cotton enterprises; And deep understanding of the new factory, generally not new factory purchasing. 'It is understood that the plant raw material supply mainly have two channels: one is to participate in bidding national cotton reserves; Second, in the two cotton ginning mill on the mainland and the two XinJiangMian enterprises. In addition, some small and medium-sized FangQi are also looking for long-term cooperation partners, to reduce the raw material of scattered purchase way, guarantee stable supply of goods. In view of the three major characteristics of the new annual cotton city, for cotton market main body, the innovation step, is to take risks. Next year will also develop new cotton farmers? The type 400 cotton ginning mill when concentrated begin business? FangQi supply channels do you have any change? Stay tuned.
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