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Hebei deputy price market light volume has fallen - cotton Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-22
Est approximately 19, June 18, President of the United States, common in the White House said in a statement, has directed the United States trade representative ( USTR) Office issued listing, to consider additional tariffs on $200 billion of 10% were imposed on Chinese goods. If China still refused to change its trade practices, the United States will be in the legal procedure after the completion of the formal tariff is imposed on this batch of Chinese goods. In addition, if the Chinese equivalent measures, again will also consider China commodity tax of $200 billion. Trade friction upgrades, cause zheng cotton futures, commodities prices fell, zheng cotton CF1901 contract fell to its lowest 16615 yuan/ton, spot price confusion, part of the goods manufacturer follow the futures market. At present, the cotton squeezing cottonseed oil manufacturer are losing money, cottonseed without new resources, cotton factory of cottonseed oil procurement is not positive, almost in a state of marketable in cotton seed, cotton by-product market weakness. Hebei region cottonseed quotation in 1. 15 yuan/jins, cotton oil sales quotation is controlled in 5100 yuan/ton, cotton pulp sales price is controlled in 2700 yuan/ton, cotton linter is controlled in 4200 yuan/ton, the market volume was light.
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