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Hebei cotton vice prices generally fall, market transactions are light

by:Chengyi     2021-03-15
At approximately 19:30 on June 18th, US Eastern Time, US President Trump stated in a White House statement that he had instructed the Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) to issue a list and consider imposing a 10% tariff on an additional US$200 billion of Chinese goods. . If China still refuses to change its trade behavior, the United States will formally impose tariffs on these Chinese goods after the legal process is completed. In addition, if China introduces reciprocal measures again, it will also consider imposing another US$200 billion in taxes on Chinese goods.  The escalation of trade frictions led to a decline in the prices of Zheng cotton futures and bulk commodities. The Zheng cotton CF1901 contract fell to 16,615 yuan/ton as low as the spot price was chaotic. Some holding manufacturers followed the futures market to adjust. At present, cotton oil manufacturers are at a loss in squeezing cottonseeds, cottonseed has no new resources on the market, cotton oil manufacturers are not actively purchasing cottonseeds, cottonseeds are almost in a state of pricelessness, and the market for cotton by-products is weak. The price of cottonseed in Hebei is around 1.15 yuan/kg, the selling price of cotton oil is around 5100 yuan/ton, the selling price of cotton meal is around 2700 yuan/ton, and the linters are around 4200 yuan/ton. The market transactions are light. Article keywords:  Hebei cottonseed cotton oil
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