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Hebei cotton textile enterprise field investigation - condition Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-18
On March 16, China textile industry association, vice President of Yang Jichao, Xia Lingmin, China cotton textile industry association President zhu na area in hebei province shijiazhuang north research, focus on the running status of hebei cotton textile enterprise and listen to the enterprise for cotton opinions and Suggestions of the reform. One morning, research group of line in cotton textile enterprise in the bonded area in shijiazhuang. It is reported, the free trade zone was established in 2014, in the enterprise is given priority to with rotor spinning, equipment selection of international advanced equipment, with the help of a free trade zone preferential tariffs, since putting into production, smooth operation, benefit is in good condition; As foreign and domestic cotton prices gap, bonded area advantage fell slightly. Dichroa textile in shijiazhuang positive definite park in the afternoon, research group held a symposium, a dozen companies around, enterprises involved in circulation of cotton, spinning and weaving. Meeting shall be presided over by hebei province textile and apparel association secretary-general of Zhao Jiangang. Zhao, secretary general of the textile and garment in hebei province in 2017 was introduced: 1, 2017, textile and garment added value growth rate to the lowest level in recent years; 2017 2, industry fixed investment so negative; 3, textile and apparel exports to keep more than 10% growth rate. In the enterprise introduces the specific operating conditions, the concentrated reflection of the operation characteristics and problems are: 1, 2017, the production is smooth, order small and fast, starts to normal; 2, rapidly rising production costs, electricity, sewage treatment cost is high, the labor cost is rising, production of auxiliary materials cost increase rapidly. Business advice: 1, quota, let go of the cotton enterprises to adopt claim is made, or outside the country imports cotton; 2, more financial support, in reform of value-added tax, textile product value-added tax as soon as possible the four files in two gears, reduce the burden of enterprises, in addition in the backward, and put into intelligent manufacturing support company, to give preferential policies. Enterprise after in published opinions, zhu north, President of China cotton textile industry association of hebei cotton textile enterprises for the industry to make efforts, but also to introduce the basic situation of cotton in 2017 the industry. Summer chairman in 2017, the basic situation of the textile industry, as well as a recent survey to share with you. Industry smooth operation in 2017, he notes, a small increase production, enterprise starts after normal stability, good market prospects in 2018. Summer, President of hope for the enterprise puts forward three aspects: 1, focus on product development; 2, business intelligence, information should be made solid progress; 3, enterprise investment in xinjiang must carry on the full analysis and research. Finally Yang Jichao President concludes that enterprises in the capital, currency, environmental aspects of stress. Hope our business: 1, clear enterprise positioning. From their own idea began to change, new positioning is fashion, science and technology of textile industry and green. 2, good enterprise internal work. Attaches great importance to product development and technological innovation, enhance the enterprise competitiveness. 3, establish confidence. To fully realize the upgrade the level of consumption in our country, in the adjustment of industrial structure, the future of textile and garment consumption still has great space.
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