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by:Chengyi     2020-07-06
Since 2014, international trade, the mainland's large and medium-sized cotton enterprise using point in zhengzhou cotton futures trading model comprehensively pushing party, spread between buyers and sellers. Fixed the impact of the trade price is obvious, declining volume is inevitable. Traders in the purchase, according to zheng cotton main contract set 3128 benchmark price and the basis, after approval by cotton ginning mill, cotton enterprises become a contract to calculate the premise, execution. For sellers lint, can ask the purchaser ( The buyer) In zheng cotton main contract in selling empty order in advance, Are cancelled price put forward by the sellers, the buyer is responsible for the AD valorem only hang price) , usually a day to hang an empty single ( Disk price volatility, sellers can be suspended from a single in the morning, afternoon) , once the empty single transaction, buyers and sellers of the contract immediately generated by procurement according to the set of basis (lint to calculate the actual delivery of the final price Quality is different, the price has a bigger difference) 。 For traders selling ginned cotton, textile mills, such as the buyer also take the price of cotton points (zheng Authorised traders to formulate the basis of and benchmark price) , what a single default price put forward by the buyer, traders are cancelled ( For the buyer clinch a deal the price of the bottom of the well) Spot, once the single sell more, both sides of the contract is established. What sort of trading for both buyers and sellers influence? Firstly, the upstream cotton ginning mill ( Sellers) , the downstream textile and other buyers to the direction of the market, the fluctuation of judgment ability the demand is higher, if operating correctly, profit significantly higher than that of fixed price contract. Comparison, usually in zheng cotton, cotton spot in a rising channel, good concentration under the condition of cash, the midpoints sales for cotton processing enterprises is beneficial to short covering the disk is usually at the end of the market on the stage; And in the case of zheng cotton continued Yin fell, downstream buyers is more suitable for using the midpoints of procurement mode, the cost down as much as possible. But price point model exist gambling market, betting on judgment, there is a strong forward-looking, need to the whole industrial chain, market at home and abroad, know peripheral factors are to be used, once the price too high or too low is likely to miss the opportunity. Second, the income is stable for cotton traders, there is chance to earn the larger gap. From the survey, in recent years, in addition to the few cotton enterprises according to the price point model is completely outside the buying, selling, most of the existing price purchasing, but zheng cotton plunged, sides jersey list, the price of spot sale situation, as soon as possible in order to achieve 'one is the' operation, trade ShangZaiPing set of policies for less than the market price of 100 - at the same time Fixed price 200 yuan/ton shipment, significantly higher than that of pure profit points price and sale price. Some companies believe that if zheng cotton price point operation, in strict accordance with the cotton traders financial costs and transaction fees, etc. , is only a relatively stable income. Thirdly, ON - The CALL price point model need full specification and promotion. Compared with ICE futures ON - CALL mode, domestic cotton spot deal just on the road, has a lot of need to improve and standardize. Such as the cotton traders ( Including international cotton traders) Usually according to their own purchasing situation, financial situation and market situation of judgment basis to formulate their own cotton, benchmark, widened to 100 - between companies 200 yuan/ton commonplace ( Value to the horse, the breaking strength, length, rolling quality and so on various companies formulate liter discount is obvious different, generally premium under zheng cotton standard; Discount significantly higher than the standard, zheng cotton traders can earn more profit) ; And cotton ginning mill, cotton enterprises mostly ON - CALL way, still in its infancy, mode of traders to formulate rules, also need to learn and adapt, if the system of unified and standard of the whole cotton, cotton textile industry are large positive.
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