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by:Chengyi     2020-07-04
Recently, the inside and outside xinjiang XinJiangMian bid rose slightly, 'double 28' and 'double 29' or slightly larger. On April 11, 2128 b2 ( 2129B2) 、2128C2( 2129C2) And fracture strength of 28 cn and above in southern xinjiang hand picking cotton in jiangsu, shandong, henan and other regulatory library public prosecutor gross price rose to a 12300 - to pick up the goods - 12500 yuan/ton and 12000 12200 yuan/ton, from mid-march lows rose by 200 - 300 yuan/ton, and the feedback from the buyers and sellers, short-term high quality ( Over 40 s and spinning cotton yarn) XinJiangMian rebound trend is still relatively strong. Aksu, korla, cotton processing enterprises, said since April inquiry, see the goods and clinch a deal amount of lint is rebounding, March 2, especially the aksu, bachu platform c2 2128, grade 3128 c2 ( The horse value is lower than 5. 2, the fracture strength of 28 cn and above) Shipped quickly, 'double 28' hand picking cotton in xinjiang delivery price also rose to 12000 yuan/tons. Rose sharply on April 11, zheng period of the contract, the main contract, such as plate, harden middlemen actively inquiry into the market, combined with cotton XinJiangMian companies mentality differentiation, some cotton ginning mill think 2015/16 high quality XinJiangMian already very few, and China still is above 40 s and cotton yarn FangQi fist product and profit growth point, the state reserve cotton quality, price, outbound, etc is not very ideal, domestic cotton prices will fall into 'the charge is lower, the cast is higher' the circle, so rised, the phenomenon of higher bid more sharply. And some cotton mills that state reserve cotton round out like Tarzan coping, in addition to the color level premium is larger, cotton horse value, strength, fiber and other indicators can meet FangQi need, behind is the purpose of storage conditions delay introduced to cotton enterprises to inventory time, grasping the recycling payment, etc. , while prices continued low-rising rebound speed up progress of lint sales and fall bags for Ann can be realized at an early time.
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