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by:Chengyi     2020-07-05
According to henan, shandong, hubei, jiangsu textile factory reflect, from domestic and international cotton prices rose sharply since the middle of June, cotton yarn, grey cloth price had to increase considerably and although downstream weaving, clothing, foreign trade companies, resisting and digestive ability weak, but in order to pass on raw material cost and risk, hard up become of cotton textile factory. Yancheng, jiangsu province, wuxi and other places several weaving mill 40 * 40 133 * 72, 32 * 130 * 70 conventional fabric price rose 0. 60 - 0. 80 yuan/m, individual raw materials such as cotton, cotton yarn inventory low grey cloth weaving mill, middlemen tried to rose 1. 0 - 1. 2 yuan/meters. On the one hand, since late June, OE yarn, C21 - 500 - C40S cotton yarn is generally rise 1200 yuan/ton, the higher the number the greater the gains, July 13 - 15, hebei, henan and other places C21S, C32S, C40S yarn factory price has soared to 20200 - respectively 20500 yuan/ton, 21200 - 21500 yuan/ton, 22500 - 22800 yuan/ton, April and may rise faster,. ltd, middlemen in order to survive, only the increase in the price of follow a path. On the other hand, from the point of statistics, June 15 - On July 15, just a month time, zheng cotton, national cotton reserves auction clinchs a deal average price rose by 3475 yuan/ton, 2199 yuan/ton, or 27. 61%, 18. 21%, foreign trade companies, garment enterprises not only foreign quotations and orders carefully, some small and medium-sized textile factory, garment factory production, production and even the phenomenon of holiday, fabric production capacity, falling inventories. In addition, due to domestic yarn price rose again, China imported yarn and cotton yarn price gap is no longer 'upside down', not only widened to 500 - instead 800 yuan/ton, the import OE yarn count cotton yarn, C32S and below inquiry, clinch a deal is more and more active, homemade rotor spinning, low a low match yarn delivery into the bottleneck period. By zheng cotton main contract on July 15, 16060 yuan/ton high and national cotton reserves per measure wheel keep around 30000 tons, combined with related department has not increased national cotton reserves measure wheel, domestic cotton spot prices rose 100 - again In 2015/16-200 yuan/ton, 3128 b ( Power 28 cn and above) Hand picked cotton in xinjiang mainland libraries offer up to 14800 - 15000 yuan/ton, 2012, 2013 annual '13' 14 '22' '' '23 'class reserve XinJiangMian quotation is 14200 - 14500 yuan/ton. Texas, heze, weifang in shandong and northern jiangsu, some small and medium-sized FangQi said although the grade 2128, 2129, 3128, 3129 high quality cotton spot increase obviously lag behind zheng cotton, national cotton reserves wheel price, but the low quality of the national cotton reserves or greater ( The main spinning C10S C21S, a small amount of spinning C32S) , such as, on May 3, national cotton reserves the lowest price 9730 yuan/ton, on July 14, but the lowest price 13670 yuan/ton, up 3940 yuan/ton, up 40. 49%, while C32S, C21S whole cotton rose 1000 yuan/tons, only how to digest such a high raw material prices? So in addition to reducing production no better response. Recently, shandong, jiangsu and zhejiang and other places of some large and medium-sized FangQi, traders, the average length of round out the national cotton reserves in July, though still can around 28 mm, but the breaking strength of 28 cn and above cotton batch shrinking proportion declines, but the red eye traders still didn't stop watching, July 13, 14, two days and the highest price 3140 yuan/ton, 3180 yuan/ton. Color level is low, the strength is not high also national cotton reserves can only be used for spinning cotton yarn, under 40 s and cannot serve as spinning JC40S and above the high count cotton assorting, basic was locked, so the profit space for FangQi without purchasing high quality Australian cotton, cotton and cotton high count, combed yarn is 100% loss. Such as the Yellow River market C32S knitting yarn grade A in 21200 - the price 21500 yuan/ton, high quality reserves XinJiangMian clinch a deal valence is 14500 - 14800 yuan/ton, even without financial cost, short and outbound charges, C32S direct costs were above 21500 yuan/ton, cotton mill about profit? If continuing losses, cotton textile factory again until what time?
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