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Gaotang county town of three miles pave cotton spinning enterprises usher in 'spring' Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-07-06
For now, the 'winter' of the national cotton processing industry is not entirely in the past, but three miles pave gaotang county town of cotton processing enterprise has ushered in the 'spring'. In the town on March 29, xin xing cotton textile co. , LTD. , the workshop, two new air spinning machine is high speed, the production line workers are nervous and orderly working, busy scene. 'The company through the introduction of advanced equipment, the continuous extension of industry chain, from raw cotton to deep processing, from the development. 'Wang Gongqing, general manager of the company, said that' after pretreating of cotton goods, can digest all his own, the circular economy chain suddenly living! 'The town of three miles pave cotton processing industry started in the last century at the end of 90, is one of the town's traditional pillar industries. In 2005, the town of cotton processing enterprises to reach 50, can processing seed cotton 500000 tons, carry more than 3000 rural labor force transfer to cotton enterprise workers locally. In 2010, the town 60% of the revenue from the cotton processing industry, the whole town farmers rely on cotton industry annual income of more than 6000 ten thousand yuan. Not for long, however, since 2012, affected by the global economic downturn, a quirk of domestic cotton market situation, struggling hard dance remix town in raw cotton enterprises, enterprise benefit serious landslide, left some cotton industry consolidation and transformation for life. In response to the severe market conditions, three miles pave the town in the extension of the cotton processing industry chain at the same time, actively explore the cotton industry transformation and upgrading. The town to encourage advanced equipment and good prospects for development enterprises continue to expand the market or on the new spinning project, at present, the town of 14 spinning project, four garment project has been completed and put into operation; At the same time, the town actively guide other industrial equipment, backward production capacity of enterprise transformation, now has more than 30 cotton processing enterprise transformation, engaged in auto parts, plate, crystal products processing, etc. By eliminating backward production capacity and accelerate the pace of transformation and upgrading, is made up of the cotton processing industry of the town to the high-end, high xinhua direction development, to respond. Nowadays, under the great support of local government, the town more than 30 cotton processing enterprises from winter into spring, industry enterprise orders and sales situation gradually recover, the whole town cotton processing industry steady development trend. 'The next step, three miles pave town will further extend the cotton processing industry chain, gradually cultivate a batch of spinning, knitting, clothing enterprises, led the whole town sustained and healthy development of the cotton processing industry. 'Three miles pave town party secretary li-min zhang said.
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