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by:Chengyi     2020-06-20
In recent years, China's cotton textile industry policy change constantly, all kinds of influence gradually. In 2017 the ministry of environmental protection and the national standard committee two departments submit notification to the WTO, respectively, announced that starting from September 2017, China banned the import of 4 kinds of 24 kinds of 'foreign garbage', including cotton waste. It is understood that since the 2009 - In 2016, our country imports of cotton waste basically stable at 100000 tons, one of the biggest proportion was combing noil, annual imports within the 50000 tons, mainly used in rotor spinning. Combing noil import ban on not only lead to China's domestic combing noil supplies, more make the prices soared, as reserve property prices, cost of cotton textile enterprises has increased dramatically. Considering the tilt to the xinjiang cotton subsidies policy in China, the mainland cotton planting area is shrinking, and with national cotton reserves gradually fell to a low inventory, inventory structure, how to adjust the future national cotton reserves? How to meet the domestic demand for FangQi low price of cotton? On March 25, the xinjiang uygur autonomous region government issued 'on the strict control of the development of cotton spinning industry disorderly emergency notice file, emphasize to immediately stop the cotton spinning industry projects under construction and all proposed projects prophase work. As xinjiang cotton subsidies is by weight, so some FangQi in xinjiang in order to get more subsidies for low and medium yarn count, which not only cause the quality of cotton in xinjiang, resource waste and do not conform to the requirements of the transformation and upgrading of industry of our country cotton, adverse effect to the inside and outside xinjiang textile industry development. If the subsidy policy once cancelled, the class production mid-range yarn textile enterprises in xinjiang are hard to survive. Cotton spinning industry in China's policies, China cotton production pattern is quietly moving towards a new era. The future development of xinjiang cotton textile industry? Late national cotton reserves to inventory, the cotton textile enterprises will enter what new future? In the next five years, 10 years of China's textile industry will be sight? On April 28, kunshan, jiangsu province, to find the answer. . .
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