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From turkmenistan to buy cotton yarn - China Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-07-02
According to turkmenistan's national news agency reported on December 22, December 16 - The week 22, turkmenistan national commodity material exchange registered 43 of the contract. Foreign exchange trading, and the purchaser from turkmenistan Mosaic purchase of aviation kerosene oil processing, Britain, Russia and other countries buyers since young ray natural gas chemical complex to buy high density polyethylene and high density polypropylene, and since the turkmen konzern chemical countries to buy urea, Britain, Georgia, China and kyrgyzstan, the united Arab emirates, Pakistan and the United States, Turkey buyers to buy cotton yarn, licorice root extract, medical cosmetics, more than 4157 total contract value. 40000 dollars. Currency trading, the UK, kazakhstan, Russia, Canada, the united Arab emirates (uae) purchaser buy cotton yarn, medical supplies, contract value of more than 9. 4 million maner. The domestic market, the domestic companies to buy cotton linter and cotton waste of turkmenistan, turnover of more than 344. 50000 maner.
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