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First deal stuck stagnant mills rose - 'hand' Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-07-05
From guangdong, jiangsu and zhejiang market feedback, the weaving mill and middlemen have closed off, imported cotton inquiry, sales more and more thin, even stagnation ( Some. ltd holiday on January 22, the latest in early march to return to work) , traders mainly recycling payment, settlement of wage and inventories, but the 2/3 month shipment to India, Pakistan, Vietnam and central Asia cotton offer still more attention, expect can appear before and after the Spring Festival & other; Bargain-hunters & throughout; The opportunity. Shandong, zhejiang and other places several cotton enterprises, said Vietnam since January, bonded at sight shipment and customs clearance of cotton yarn is very bad, performance significantly weaker than india-pakistan yarn, on the one hand, the main ICE cotton futures contracts on the broken 70 cents/pound, 71 cents/pound mark such as integer, Vietnam cotton sale in domestic market, export prices rise obviously, less competitive. On the other hand because Vietnam C32S and above, combed yarn, combed yarn continuous production & other; Upside down & throughout; And the decline in the enthusiasm of order, mill production. Especially some 20000 ingot below level of mills to reduce cotton yarn and cotton assorting, yarn count reduction are not uncommon. In addition, Vietnam mills docking sheet and the influence of jiaotong university during the Spring Festival holiday. Countries such as India, Pakistan, Vietnam mills and exporters generally bullish on cotton export market in 2020, so most of cotton yarn price stabilization, strong, CNF, CIF bargaining space is not large. One is from CCI acquisition and says it will not lose money selling and ICE, zheng period & other; Higher sound throb & throughout; The influence of cotton yarn cost and price & other; Easy up to down & throughout; ; The second is the first trade agreement ( Us tariffs on 300 billion Chinese export commodities from 15% down to 7. 5%) , will stimulate Chinese spinning clothing orders, exports rebound sharply, cotton consumption is expected to be a strong rebound; Three against the U. S. dollar is the currency of the rupees, dong stimulate exports such as cotton yarn, grey cloth, clothing; Four is the fta between China and Pakistan in the second stage protocol to take effect on December 1, 2019, the tax arrangements on January 1, 2020. Pakistan cotton yarn exports zero tariff China market, market competitiveness will be greatly enhanced; 5 it is so far the domestic downstream weaving mill, garment factory and terminal link raw materials such as cotton yarn inventory is low ( Only a handful of middlemen hoarding behavior) So after centralized purchasing, inventory of rigid demand.
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