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FengXin textile industry quality efficiency - 'four upgrade' Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-26
In recent years, FengXin county of steady growth, structural adjustment, promote effective goals, implementation of the platform upgrades, chain upgrades, innovation, service measures, such as promoting textile industry bigger and stronger, become a powerful engine to promote the development of industrial economy, high quality. Last year, the textile industry to achieve industrial value added 22 county. 400 million yuan, the main business income is 92. More than 600 million yuan, the scale enterprise profit total 8. 300 million yuan, year-on-year growth of 9, respectively. 69%, 15. 95% and 10. 8%. Platform upgrade highlight field effect. The traditional textile industry to seize the coastal developed areas county focus of development opportunity, actively create undertaking industrial transfer platform, planning and construction of textile industry base. Base planning and construction land in 325. 2 hectares, plans to build 220000 square meters of road, 20000 meters plumbing facilities. Currently has invested hundreds of millions of yuan, were developed more than 2200 acres, 100000 square meters, 1 road. 20000 m network infrastructure. And successively built ZhengYinQi cooperation platform, vocational education and training platform, sewage concentrated processing platform, centralized water supply platform, textile testing services platform and third-party logistics platform. Good development platform, the textile industry of the county to provide a huge development space, attracted a large number of well-known domestic enterprises to settle. At present, the county has 145 textile enterprises have settled in, including 27 enterprises above designated size, from personnel of course of 1. More than 20000 people, more than 10 billion yuan worth of investment. Formation of circulation industry circle chain upgrade. Within the county adhere to culture and the combination of irfpa, vigorously introduce cluster chain, chain, strong chain project, elaborate organization FengXin ( Changshu) Textile and garment industry investment promotion, interregional industry cooperation, to serve business conference, such as series of activities, take the initiative to strengthen the exchanges and cooperation with textile high-tech enterprises at home and abroad, has introduced a large number of textile and garment, form a complete set of upstream and downstream enterprises established a comparatively complete 'raw materials - — Spinning - — Weaving - — Dyeing and finishing - — Garment 'circulation industry chain. At present, the county formed with an annual output of 600000 tons of 2. 5 million spindles, yarn, polyester staple fiber more than 20, ten thousand tons, 30000 tons of knitted fabrics, all kinds of clothing in 4 million and 40000 tons of modern printing and dyeing textile production base, 'FengXin yarn' regional brand has been formed, as the county's pillar industries. Innovation upgrade the market competitiveness. The county cling to market and popular trend, advance the varieties, quality, creates the brand construction. County finance bureau arranged special funds for textile and garment enterprise technical innovation and new product development, research and development center construction to give support, focus on enhancing enterprise independent innovation ability. Jinyuan textile has introduced Italian and Japanese automatic winder, air spinning, air-jet spinning, compact spinning and the most mature and advanced complete sets of equipment, set off a 'machine substitution' boom, after reduced labor modification of 185 people, reduce the amount of labor is up to 65%. At present, the county textile products cover chemical fiber yarn, polyester yarn, pure cotton yarn and polyester/cotton, polyester viscose, rayon and so on more than 30 other varieties, and created the 'dahua' 'auspicious' jin 'everlast' spring of 'treasure' and so on a number of well-known brands. The county textile testing center as a national testing agencies. Service upgrade to optimize business environment. The county in the land, electricity, labor, etc provide strong guarantee for textile enterprises, textile industry leading group, set up industry promotion and service center of textile industry, the county leader hanging support enterprises and major projects scheduling mechanism, set up together with cash, land use, policies, dispute mediation 'four service channel', pursue zero distance, zero charge, zero interference, zero wait 'exchanges' service standards. At the same time, improve the financing guarantee service system, encourage financial institutions according to the characteristics of the industrial project development credit products and settlement services actively, promoted the buyer's credit, mortgage, lease financing, and 'borrowed' modification 'expansion' loan 'CNC easy credit' and other financial products, provide enterprises with strong financial support. In addition, the county also strictly follow the system into the enterprise examination and approval for the record, resolutely combat the illegal behaviour of interfering with enterprise development environment, to ensure that customers at ease.
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