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FangQi off-season BuDeXian - to find out the way to find method Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-07-07
In July, FangQi orders declined, profit is low, the textile industry into the off-season. But some companies is off-season more busy, in constant endeavour to find out the way. Cost reduction. Henan a FangQi introduction, since July, domestic cotton costs high, 21, henan zhengzhou a warehouse double & other; 28' XinJiangMian delivery price 16000 yuan/ton a line; “ Double 29 & throughout; “ Double 30 & throughout; The price is in 16700 - to pick up the goods 16900 yuan/ton, make the textile mills. Coincided with the old and the New Year is about to integrate critical period, FangQi considering how to cost reduction? It is understood that there are three main ways: one is the adjustment of product structure. In 2017, the domestic high-quality XinJiangMian in short supply, the price is high, and with low quality cotton spreads widened further, and ChanMian exceeds the demand, therefore, some manufacturers of compression capacity, high count lower the yarn production capacity increased, to seek profit maximization. The second is directly involved in cotton production. Since early July, many FangQi lease line to participate in the New Year in xinjiang seed cotton purchase, processing, cotton from the self-sufficiency, save intermediate link. Three is the enterprise floodwater. Since 2015, the most powerful FangQi gradually moved to abundant raw materials and low cost countries and regions, xinjiang, southeast Asia and other places. In 2017, factory production of surge in the number of FangQi in xinjiang. As a market participants said, no matter in what way, finally reach the purpose of cost reduction, the enterprise has mastered the profit of the initiative. Technological reform and innovation. In 2017, many textile enterprises said saucepans also must carry on the technical reform, the introduction of new technology. Learned, shandong binzhou some 200000 ingot enterprise, to solve the problem of increasing labor costs and labor shortages, the introduction of advanced equipment for this year, can save labor costs by more than 30%, a substantial increase in productivity, power consumption reduced, for enterprises to reduce costs, improve product quality to lay a good foundation. In recent years, our country textile is exported to overseas, but common in quantity and low price to win, technology, brand value is not high. At present, as the southeast Asia and other countries, the rise of cotton textile industry, these countries and regions with the advantages of cheap Labour, water, electricity and rich textile materials, impact domestic cotton market. Reversed transmission cotton textile enterprises to carry out reform and innovation in our country, only by constantly improve quality, brand and additional value, to stand out in an impregnable position in the world. As a result, this year many cotton FangQi seize the off-season, recharged and ascension, everybody busy busy. Accumulate popularity. Successful FangQi not fight alone, a fence three piles, a hero three help, FangQi. We have learned, at present many FangQi, outreach, and upstream enterprises to cotton, one side to the downstream manufacturers to order, it may be said to run up and down, duplicity. Recently, some enterprise in hebei, said an official with the enterprise saving sentiment in offline and online platform at the same time, so they hired experts, set up their own web site platform, release information, also as a communication and exchange platform, lead eight party guests, kyushu youpon.
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