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Fan Dongyun representative: old textile large 'smart' Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-17
Xinhua Beijing, March 11 (Reuters) - Reporter wang, Tan Moxiao) Giant machines roar, a textile factory hands hovering between in the high speed spinning frame, more than 20 seconds to complete the ten joint spindle. It's a taken in Lanzhou Sanmao Industrial Co. , ltd. spinning mill workshop video, video is the leading role of the spinning industry, the National People's Congress of the enterprise Fan Dongyun. 10 standard time is 50 seconds, spindle joint Fan Dongyun will speed up nearly doubled. She keep a record for decades, the factory the fastest so far no one can break. In 2005, Fan Dongyun get the title of 'model worker', gansu province, in 2009 as 'national female workers in underdeveloped pacesetter', in gansu province in 2016 was named the outstanding communist party member, she is still in last year was nominated candidates recommended by the national 'artisans of the great powers'. Into the factory in 1991, on-the-job 27 years, Fan Dongyun has experienced the rise and fall of enterprises. In past years, the financial crisis affected, old production equipment, extensive management, business is struggling. 'Some of the common woolen fabrics can do, but some high-grade worsted products we produce. 'Fan Dongyun said. In 2015, the enterprise overall relocated to new district, lanzhou city, the 'old' Fan Dongyun spinning frame is also in the 'new look'. After the relocation, the enterprise strengthen scientific and technological innovation, through technical innovation to the graphene fiber, milk protein fiber, corn fiber and other new materials used in fabric; Independent research and development of fabrics made of female bag opened the foreign markets. With quality efficiency, enterprises gradually into the high-end market, Fan Dongyun are nearly double paid. 'As a basic textile workers, deeply felt the tangible benefits from technological innovation. 'Fan Dongyun said. In order to bring everyone thought to meeting, before I came to Beijing, Fan Dongyun specially to consult and visit, made a lot of homework, see a clear way out: intelligent manufacturing can realize the automation of production processes, digital, real-time on-line monitoring and data extraction and analysis, to improve labor efficiency, reduce labor intensity, saving labor costs. 'The textile industry to get rid of the plight of the now, still have to rely on scientific and technological innovation, intelligent manufacturing is the only way. 'Fan Dongyun said. Fan Dong YunXiWang, the government pay more attention to the quality of the textile industry development, guide encourage textile companies close down backward production facilities, and take the path of intelligent development and shortage of intelligent manufacturing personnel training the training as early as possible at the same time, 'let the oldest textile can be achieved' smart '.
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