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Falling demand - India yarn prices continue to fall Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-27
In the latest week, affected by the epidemic blockade, many textile mills are still closed, falling demand in India yarn prices continue to fall. At present, India continued pressure on domestic demand for cotton yarn, cotton prices fell sharply within a few weeks, a week or more, recently the S - 6 weekly fall 2. Around 5%, nearly dropped 5. 4%. Indian cotton association ( CAI) Officials on Tuesday ( May 5) Said that since the blockade and worry about cotton consumption will be reduced, at the end of September this year India's cotton carryover stocks will increase at the end of the year, India's recent cotton prices fell 12 - 15%. CAI said, because the factory closed, India has reduced 300 - cotton consumption 3. 5 million packages, so CAI will cut this year's cotton consumption forecast. India exports goal is 4. 2 million bales of cotton this year, at present for the shipped 3. 2 million package, the package will be in 5-100 September shipment. CAI said that the Indian cotton 10 - lower than the international market Once 12%, lift the blockade, India textile demand will improve, Bangladesh, Vietnam, China will be a big demand for cotton in India, has received some inquiry from Bangladesh, Vietnam, China, once the end of the block, the inquiry will be significantly increased.
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