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by:Chengyi     2020-06-19
On March 26, a group of value with millions of spun silk cotton ball by the wujiang customs inspection qualified sent to Italy. According to statistics, as of March 30, wujiang customs supervision of inbound and outbound spinning product 75. 87 tons, 89. 310000 dollars, year-on-year growth of 31 respectively. 5% and 28. 7%. Wujiang is spun silk industry gathering area of jiangsu province, for his full support for spinning enterprises within their respective jurisdictions to return to work and production, wujiang customs with nanjing customs port inland other port customs supervision mechanism, dynamic import waste silk spinning materials flow of information. On the import side, push forward the 'not for examination and approval of quarantine inspection of meetings, through online examination way to import waste silk spinning materials increases with the increasing the number of; Through remote video methods such as the inbound spun silk material to carry out the 'not met' regulation, reduce the risk of cross infection, ensure regulatory effectiveness and efficiency. In terms of export, wujiang customs through WeChat, E-mail and other means to inform the company to master the importer of the official requirements, make the enterprise to respond effectively to the new situation, new change; Ensure that export goods to check, namely on the day of release, greatly improve customs clearance efficiency. Also through the form of video conferences, etc, on spinning enterprises carrying out prevention treatment and staff protection knowledge training.
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