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by:Chengyi     2020-07-05
In October 2016, the China textile industry association autumn exhibition held in Shanghai again. This exhibition, China chemical fiber industry association will carry 82 high-quality chemical enterprise central China fiber pavilion. China textile industry association, vice President of deng xiaoping, China's chemical fiber industry association end introduces to the reporter the characteristic of China fiber pavilion. Is the show, the green fiber yarn shows a major bright spot. Fiber as the source of the textile industry chain development, the green development process to promote the sustainable development of the textile industry and even the society as a whole is of great significance. Green of the green fiber is more reflected in its production process, guide the consumer and society pay attention to healthy consumption, green consumption. Second, ShengHong · China fiber trend 2016/2017 static show. The exhibition is a continuation of the popular trend conference China fibers, is intended to convey the chemical fiber enterprises of new products, new technology, new application information, such as improving fiber trend brand awareness, expand enterprise brand influence. Three BBS, siyaku textile material innovation. BBS is a combination of Chinese the trends and part of green fiber, fiber is the activity of an enterprise and customers, there are a lot of interactive link, held for the first time last year, and good results have been achieved. Four, the exhibitors record number and size, etc. 2016 yarnexpo qiu dong pavilion area, exhibitors record number and size. Since 2012 China fiber fashion trend to launch, yarn exhibition pavilion area, exhibitors the speed of the growth of the number and size are very fast, it is because of the popular trend of embedded, high-growth with this material. The reason analysis: five industry guide at work, such as fiber fashion trend in China and green fiber activities such as certification issued guidance to the enterprises to upgrade; Enterprise got orders from the exhibition, we obtain the real benefit; The entire industry from the past emphasis on quantity, size is turning to differentiation, the development of high value-added; To show the world its original product; Enterprises pay more and more attention to the brand. Xiaoping suggest that in the future, end enterprise, in the exhibition display even finished products making fiber fabrics, actively cooperate with the downstream brands, enhance their own brand and value content, make full use of the association has been the opening of the platform, continuous, break the brand publicity.
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