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Double quantity and price imported yarn market: siro spinning yarn strength rebound - India Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-30
From shandong, jiangsu and zhejiang, henan and other market survey, although 8/9/10 order pick up, demand rebound in view and word of mouth, some large and medium-sized cotton textile factory, weaving, dyeing machine also gradually recovered to normal levels, but the port, bonded library and & other; Futures yarn & throughout; Such as signing and outbound improvement is not obvious, traders still face & other; Delay delivery, price downward, collection difficult & throughout; And a series of pressure. From the point of imported yarn market, one is 8 s - guangdong, jiangsu and zhejiang market 16 s siro-spun trading continued weakness ( Leading producer for Pakistan, India, etc. ) ; The second is C21 - C32 see goods, clinch a deal with imported knitting yarn in the warmer during June/July ( The buyer's general requirements BaoPiao package dyeing) , market sentiment is acceptable; Third, India, Vietnam, Indonesia origin 32 and above count combed yarn sales continued downturn,. ltd, middlemen according to purchase order, to see their, mostly reduced or even no raw material inventory; Four is compact spinning inside and outside plate of clinch a deal the slump, some traders to negotiate with the mill repurchase of delayed delivery, cotton and so on a variety of ways to slow sales and cash flow pressure. For India and Pakistan and siro-spun quantity price falls down, the industry generally believe that expected: on the one hand, since August downstream terminal enterprises sale in domestic market order is given priority to, the yarn quality, the stability requirements,. ltd, weaving enterprises purchasing high match OE8S - mostly OE21S instead of siro-spun with Hank yarn, the price difference between 1000 yuan/tons of production enterprises of attraction is outstanding; On the other hand, recent india-pakistan siro-spun is more noticeable decline in quality, match with the enterprise demand decline. It is 2018/19 for India, Pakistan, producing area of cotton quality indexes such as is not ideal; Second, since April mills cotton assorting with middle flower is given priority to, cause and hairiness of yarn strength, CV value and neps, stability, such as slide,. ltd, traders default, breach of promise, claims the phenomenon of increase compared with a few months. Qingdao, zhangjiagang, cotton yarn trade enterprises, said the recent Indian yarn than Vietnam yarn, the yarn, Indonesia and other export competitiveness. First, India's domestic cotton prices continue to Yin, mills improving profits; Secondly, the Indian rupee against the dollar from strong to weak, conducive to exports such as cotton, cotton yarn; Thirdly, India some big tight supply due to the high quality cotton, cotton yarn count reduction, 40 s and the following cotton yield increased ( Including the OE yarn) , supply ability, quality guaranteed, multimode settlement is India's mills.
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