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Domestic cotton yarn steady recovery in the yarn spreads narrowed - both inside and outside Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-23
Recent whole cotton yarn market is relatively flat, clinch a deal the generally small, price stability in the consolidation. As of August 9, domestic C32S average closed at 24017 yuan/ton, basic level has to recover to the same period last month. No obvious strong breed on the market, relatively conventional yarn prices slightly stronger than the other varieties, but it is still not enough to hold up the whole market. Cotton factory is given priority to with shipment mentality, lower overall order is not much, basically within single is given priority to, yarn strength of actual consumption is not big, knitting factory needs enthusiasm is not high. It's hot in July and August, in some parts of limited electricity production occurs, so comprehensive boot load rate declined. In July while pure cotton industry inventory accumulation, but compared to the same period last year FangQi fg inventory level is still low. From the point of product adjustment, in July C32S shipment well in more than 40, plus some imported yarn needs specially to domestic yarn, therefore some FangQi multi-functioned C32S, declined overall pure cotton yarn production. Import yarn, recent market still maintaining off-season, import yarn outside dish price is a few cents down since the end of July, but still down with the domestic spot price, clinch a deal. As of 9, FCY Index C32S yuan spot price closed at 24362 yuan/ton, finally a callback. But not before lock remit traders appeared widespread losses, and thus to renew the import yarn is more cautious. Some traders transformation do domestic yarn, but domestic yarn not imported yarn financing convenience, higher requirements on the threshold of the capital. Other traders in part due to spot delivery is slow, but relatively strong financial strength, temporarily to transfer the spot inventory, hopes that autumn season & other; Dongfeng & throughout; Sales go out. On August 3, of the People's Republic of China's tariff commission of the State Council announced the 5207 items of about $60 billion of goods, imposing a 25% Tariffs ranging from 5%. Among them, will impose a 25% tariff for native American cotton yarn ( There are two tariff lines under the duty rate is 20%) 。 Compared with a 5% tariff before, 4 - raised 5 times. From the perspective of the cotton import statistics of June, June total imports of cotton yarn in China is about 200000 tons, has the obvious decline year-on-year growth. But the main reason is the surge in and outside of the exchange rate rise in price of yarn. According to statistics, in 2017 China's imports of American cotton, a total of 3. Imports of 560000 tons, accounting for the cotton yarn of 1. 8%, so the announcement of tariffs for cotton import limited impact.
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