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Domestic cotton rose to the india-pakistan yarn opportunity - 'enter' Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-07-05
Combed yarn is active, the Indian yarn or get the blues. Since 2015, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, Pakistan and import a lot of beautiful cotton mills, west Africa cotton even M, SLM Australian cotton, increasingly rich cotton assorting, yarn quality is rising. Feedback from all the main port, has arrived in October and expected arrival will continue to increase the number of bonded cotton yarn, is expected to reach the end of October 7. 5 - 7. 80000 tons, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Pakistan, uzbekistan and the top. Is worth attention and high count of Vietnam, central Asia, combed yarn shipment, arrival quantity increasing by contrast, India C32S air-jet, rapier yarn present evident in the fall. On the one hand, including China, Bangladesh and other buyers in India domestic cotton prices, cotton yarn exports fell sharply expected strong ( Chen S - cotton 6 and the difference of the crop at 7 - 8 cents/lb) Mid-september began to constantly delay or cut orders, and recently India mills cotton FOB and CNF price jump in 0. 20 - 0. $25 / kg, a boycott by the buyer; India on the other hand the quality of the yarn is Vietnam yarn, uzbekistan, no advantage, only the mill scale, a single supply ability this advantage. According to the survey, in addition to the jiangsu and zhejiang, guangdong and other market since the middle of October JC21, JC32, JC21/2, 2 imported yarn JC32 / inquiry and clinch a deal more active, C32S C21S Pakistan, India's jet spinning yarn delivery is also relatively fast. , uzbekistan, Vietnam, Indonesia and India C40S cotton goods weak, Pakistan 8 s - guangdong market 16 s siro-spun supply is adequate, stable demand. Industry analysis, on the one hand, the end of September to the middle of October have a certain amount at a low price contract to arrive at the port of India and Pakistan, Vietnam yarn, mainly in the middle of August to sign a contract before the middle of September. C321, C32S yarn CNF price of 2. 45 - 2. 50 cents per kg, 2. 55 - 2. 60 cents per kg, the cost is significantly lower than the previous free trade zone inventory cotton yarn, and yarn CNF price below the middle of October India 0. 10 - 0. 15 cents/pound, traders sales slightly below market quotation. Sale in domestic market order present stage recovery on the other hand, coastal areas some fabric factory, garment factory and traders company rose to 80% 90%, imports of combed yarn and three packs of quality ( Package dyeing, bleaching, packages in computer) The general combed yarn needs better; In addition, nearly half a month, domestic C21 - C40S cotton yarn of cotton prices rose considerably promote 300 - passively increases 500 yuan/ton, gave the india-pakistan yarn 'abandonment'. On October 15 18, Qingdao, zhangjiagang, guangzhou and other C21S port India A, A and JC32S C32S A yarn CNF quotation 2 respectively. 62 - 2. $65 / kg, 2. 75 - 2. $80 / kg, 2. 90 - 2. $95 / kg, JC21S, JC32S yarn, combed yarn rise in less than of combed yarn; While C21, C32S yarn CNF quotation below yarn 0 in India. 03 - 0. 5 $/ kg, the price advantage gradually. It is reported, as listed in processing of the crop, Pakistan's domestic cotton prices fell back to 68. 50 - 72. Occurrence peak in October 70 cents/pound, cotton yarn, FOB and CNF price drop in a row, brand yarn, giant quality downward adjustment 0. About $3 / kg. Uzbekistan and turkmenistan origin as well as China's cotton weaving mill, traders' attention. First of all, may mainly high comb yarn, mainly C32S, C40S, cotton quality basic XinJiangMian close, with our country spinning cotton assorting index should be higher than that of India and Pakistan; Second, destabilising CNF price is less than the same yarn count India 0. 04 - 0. Air-jet spinning 0 5 $/ kg, lower than Vietnam. 06 - 0. The euro dollar/kg; Again, may like Vietnam yarn with transport, customs and other advantages.
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