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by:Chengyi     2020-06-23
On July 19, in korla economic and technological development zone of xinjiang litai silk road investment co. , LTD. ( Hereinafter referred to as 'litai silk road') 1 factory air spinning workshop, air spinning production line with the 'singing' voice is steaming machines, sporadic several machinist foot balanced car shuttle among them, the adjacent working procedure of the workers in clean steel unite, and bars, finished product production line to cooperate with each other, such as busy methodically. Litai silk road no. 1 plant manager SuXin said: 'the workshop of using automatic air spinning equipment, each air spinning machine is equivalent to a smartphone, encounter problems will automatically display a red light, to quickly handle machinist is on the balance. Before a person can only manage a air spinning machine, one person can operate QiBaTai airflow spinning machine now. 'Xinjiang litai silk road investment co. , LTD. , general manager of Yao Shangqing introduction, litai silk road using spinning equipment world-class ZhuoLang whole process. Advanced air conditioning and dust removal facilities, equipped with intelligent cone yarn production line fully automatic packaging system, greatly improved the production efficiency, improve the production environment, reduces the labor intensity, realize the intelligent, digital and green environmental protection. At present the factory production than ingot labor at about 6 people. Litai silk road all factories adopt data integration application system. This year, the 2018 published by the state Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of intelligent manufacturing integrated standardization and the model of the new project, the xinjiang litai silk road investment co. , LTD. , low-power intelligent ring spinning factory construction project on the list. Today, intelligent production has become the development zone of textile and garment enterprises seeking industry to upgrade the new channel. All only all the way across the silk road, is the construction of factory is xinjiang kun yu da textile technology co. , LTD. , planning to build textile clothing industry cluster. Xinjiang Du Fuxing kun yu da textile technology co. , LTD. General manager said: 'actually move long-simmering perfect textile and garment industry chain, the company identified as early as last year at the beginning of the construction equipment innovation, technology promotion, industrial extension plan. 'At present, the textile and garment enterprises in the development zone has more than 30, 2017 annual output value of 11. 3 billion yuan, accounting for one third of the whole xinjiang textile and garment industry output value, the representative of the enterprise have all the silk road, jinfu special yarn industry, rich black silk ribbon, yun to clothing, Kang Pingna cheese dyeing factory, etc. From a cotton to a chain, the development zone is formed of cotton, viscose spinning, weaving, printing and dyeing, clothing, home textiles, the whole industry chain development of scale. By the extension and integration of industrial chain, the introduction of strength of enterprise and together, with a more specialized division of labor and closer collaboration to participate in the competition, this is the transformation and upgrading of korla economic and technological development zone, the direction of the development of strategic emerging industries. On January 29, 2016, the United States grams of chemical with Germany basf, jointly build the beauty of the g 100000 tons of butyl glycol (in the us and Europe BDO) Project operation successfully in korla economic development zone. On July 6, the same year, basf chemical manufacturing ( Xinjiang) Company 50000 tons of polyethylene tetrahydrofuran project put into production. Although the project put into production already for more than two years, now seems to be still in focus, not only because of its large investment and high technology content, but also because it makes the korla economic and technological development zone of the whole industry chain is important one annulus. Polytetrahydrofuran are relying on the 50000 tons of projects, actively introduce spandex korla economic and technological development zone and other downstream projects, make the korla textile garment city onto the road of the development of diversified textile materials, blended in situ development, comprehensive promote coordinated development of chemical industry and textile and garment industry. Then, fine chemical industry of oil and gas industry in the development zone of strong propulsion, the United States, the us and Europe, basf beautiful gram can reaches producing, forming the largest production base of BDO. After a strong push oil and gas chemical industry, the park leads the whole xinjiang textile garment industry, the current scale of spinning up to 4. 5 million pounds, walking on the scale, efficiency and quality in the whole xinjiang national front row. At the same time, the innovation park of agricultural and sideline products deep processing industry, agricultural industrialization leading enterprises to 18, Carey can food, who donkey-hide gelatin, light color, the source of the dragon pharmaceutical industry in the whole xinjiang also take the lead to achieve the intelligent; Modern service industry work, southern xinjiang's largest bonded center works bonded commodities city in operation, haibao agricultural products logistics park implementation level of fruit and vegetable trade; The equipment manufacturing industry to realize the new breakthrough, tiancheng xiyu strong capital revitalize the SIMS les, 500000 tons of production capacity. This year, korla economic and technological development zone lock achieve the goal of GDP totaled 6 billion yuan, to build a 'new' ( High-end services, high-end manufacturing, high-tech industry and strategic emerging industries) 。 Standing in the crossroads of transformation, the development zone will also fully build multivariate industrial development framework with distinctive features, the development zone into a growth pole of economic development.
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