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Demand dropped gradually pure polyester yarn and benefits - in quantity Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-07-01
Guide language: with the first booking order gradually after delivery, the National Day for coming season watershed time node demand, demand is the early stage of the retreat, pure polyester yarn tired library risks ahead. Polyester staple fiber production and the National Day holiday light, polyester factory tired pressure increases, continue to benefit the promotion of the lack of raw materials in the short term end support, and industry increased pessimism, yarn mills on delivery, reduce the risk of tired library. Polyester staple fiber, polyester staple fiber supplier before the National Day to continue on promotion, enterprise inventory levels at a low level. But market clinch a deal the scarce during the holiday, the holiday factory inventory levels have increased, more are on holiday market there is a big worry. But due to the limited strength of downstream of the stock before, just need to face some holiday market, and the PTA exist big overhaul plan, staple cash flow has losses, or holiday market is also no significant decline in space. Prediction: taken together, the holiday market production and marketing overall insipid, polyester staple fiber enterprises inventory levels have increased, after some inventory more enterprises remained certain promotions; But at present most loss of cash flow, combined with the PTA, giant overhaul or pose a short-term boost to its price, is expected to polyester staple fiber prices or no obvious decline in space. Pure polyester yarn: National Day holidays in fujian area most direct spinning polyester staple fiber prices steady, pure polyester yarn market price callback center of gravity is 200 yuan RMB/ton. Pure polyester yarn market mainstream price slightly chaotic, after the National Day downstream FangQi & other; Double tenth throughout the &; Orders gradually after delivery, the early stage of the demand is falling, some yarn companies face tired library risks, the bearish sentiment in the industry is thicker, delivery pressure market for low price, lower overall market prices. Prediction: pure polyester yarn market price is shown slightly chaotic, with the pre-sale order delivery before National Day after the completion of the downstream demand gradually retreated, some enterprises face tired library risk, the industry is still to afternoon bearish sentiment is heavier, a handful of yarn companies benefit can alleviate the pressure of the inventory delivery, low price, under the market bidding lower overall clinch a deal the center of gravity. But given the current profit is on the verge of pure polyester yarn cost line, if the raw material without obvious change case, prices continue to test range is limited.
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