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by:Chengyi     2020-07-02
Although cotton prices downward limited this week, continue to refresh the year low, but compared with last week fell only 8 yuan/ton. As of May 21, domestic C32S average closed at 18732 yuan/ton, quarter-on-quarter decline narrowed. Cotton spot transaction is relatively active this week, the price shocks upward. As of today, CC3128B closed at 11900 yuan/ton, compared with last week rose 385 yuan/ton, up 3. 34%. Thanks to the support of raw material, yarn prices stop falling stabilized, the market trading slightly rebounded. From the point of profit, if use current cotton as the theory of cost and profit has swung into losses. Some market participants reactions: & other; Today's market we still don't have much confidence, shipments to significantly enlarge still difficult & throughout; 。 From the perspective of the inventory of the whole industry chain, the upstream and downstream goods all relative recovery, backlog of inventory is mainly on the material end. As of 21, China yarn stock index closed at 28. Eight days, grey cloth inventory at 30. Nine days. Currently FangQi orders for the small single, still is given priority to with to inventory, cotton yarn exports ticked up, although the amount is not big, but the overall than previous better when there is no single to do. Boot, this week to maintain a slight upward trend, at 21, China yarn boot load index closed at 50. 7%, fabric boot at 49. 8%. Affected by the outbreak, a lot of orders this year was forced to cancel or delay, however, the current unlock has 34 countries around the world, as more and more countries unsealed, open port, a lot of original sea drift goods have arrived in the port of destination, and some foreign trade companies received orders for autumn and winter clothing, at the same time, some companies start & other; Sharing & throughout; Orders, newspaper group to keep warm, to export, the foreign trade market seems to be the improvement. In may, entrance yarn almost opened & other; Li & throughout; Model, as of May 21, FCY Index C32S yuan spot price closed at 18595 yuan/ton, compared to the beginning of direct was reduced by 5. 9%, which is also directly contributing to the inside and outside the yarn spreads from negative to positive. Feedback, according to traders, since mid-may imported cotton inner and outer plate of inquiry, see goods, clinch a deal have obvious rebound. By country, by the impact of the new champions league outbreak, march and April Pakistan cotton yarn production, transportation and port business basic in lockout condition, so the negotiation between the seller and the buyer to cancel the contract unilaterally break even situation. But as of early may Pakistan cotton, cotton, weaving companies press & other; Reset button & throughout; , plus nearly half a month to Pakistan cotton yarn exports offer fell sharply, so Chinese buyers & other; After the break we sign & throughout; The operation of more. A 2 - Pakistan 30000 ingot mills reflected, due to domestic weaving, garment enterprises and production is slow and weak demand, so the mills are exports to China, Bangladesh and other southeast Asian countries as a breakthrough point, very competitive prices and quality. India is not so & other; Good luck & throughout; , endless increase & other; The sealing & throughout; Time makes India's social and economic almost be overwhelmed. India though small area advocates resume work and production, but closed roads and ports hindered the liquidity of the cotton spinning industry, it also explains why Indian cotton yarn price compared to, countries such as the fall at the sharp end. In China, however, as Japan and South Korea, Europe continue to kick-start the economy, trade, retail, transportation, part of the textile and clothing export orders coming slowly, combined with previous stop contract execution, cotton consumption present recovery. And before the unlock India eventually kill a lot of patience, Chinese buyers, in turn will purchase focus to countries such as Vietnam and Pakistan. Overall, recently a trader loss is bigger, although still dare not too optimistic about future, but have been adjusted, attitude of the most import yarn manufacturers is where to fall where to climb up the idea of time in the right time to order, they think the market although there will be ups and downs, but in the long term, continue to do, always can get the average profit of the industry.
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