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Cotton yarn trade continued weakness, light condition the buyer default increased significantly Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-29
According to Qingdao, jiangsu and zhejiang, guangdong and other places of cotton traders, since August, 8 s - in addition to the OE yarn 16 s siro-spun some inquiry, delivery is acceptable, C21S - C40S and JC21 - JC40S cotton trading continued weakness, light condition, especially India, Vietnam, Indonesia and other mills high 40 s and older with combed, compact spinning almost & other; There & throughout; Squealed, traders, factory office. From the survey, since mid-july ports present cotton yarn inventory continues to edge up, some enterprises have to with foreign traders, weaving mill or vendor coordination delayed 15 20 days of shipment, prolong the contract performance period, reduce the risk of sales and fund redemption pressure; The sharp cut in the price of cotton, cotton yarn, the buyer's default, mutual termination or sellers repurchase phenomenon not uncommon. A zhejiang enterprises in zhangjiagang, Shanghai, ningbo, Qingdao, guangzhou port inventory of about 1500 tons of cotton yarn, add a sight, August/September shipment 900 tons of cotton yarn, Mainly Vietnam yarn, Pakistan, India) yarn is Shipment, now feel stress, money, etc. On the one hand, mills quotation as traders crack is difficult to survive. Since April 2019, the main ICE futures contract from 77. 45 fell to 57 cents per pound. Fell 26 cents/pound, 19. 89 cents/pound, or 25. 48%, India and Pakistan, Vietnam and other mills slashed cotton yarn FOB and CNF price, traders & other; The goods did not arrive, first loss & throughout; And the more the greater the loss; On the other hand, China imported yarn, yarn upside down trend is more and more prominent. Round by the national cotton reserves to reduce costs, sufficient domestic cotton supply and demand and rising sino-us trade disputes, and so on bad blessing, domestic yarn price cut more sufficiently, hangs aggravating traders in a dilemma. Since the middle of August, Qingdao port C32 BaoPiao yarn quotation 21750 - India 21950 yuan/ton ( More than 22000 yuan/ton price less) , and with yarn in domestic C32 quotation only - 21200 21500 yuan/ton, down inside and outside the 300 - 500 yuan/ton. In addition, the recent currency suddenly broken 7, for weaving mill, the influence of the outside trade ShangQing clearance import yarn also cannot be underestimated.
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