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by:Chengyi     2020-07-08
At present in xinjiang spinning amount accounts for about 13% cotton spinning industry is one of the earliest industries to open markets in our country. With the change of China's major cotton producing areas, overcapacity after the baptism of homogenized competition and rising labor costs of industry transfer, cotton textile industry after several ups and downs, now formed the traditional three cotton spinning industry gathered in shandong, henan, jiangsu province of xinjiang cotton industry base and emerging. Calculated at the annual output of 6. 5 million tons of pure cotton yarn production, the top three major provinces accounted for 18% 25% in shandong, henan and jiangsu 17% respectively. In recent years, due to the national industrial policy, support capacity gradually shift to China's major cotton producing areas in xinjiang, the xinjiang in spinning amount in 800000 - 1 million tons, 13% of countrywide crop about. Basic situation inland provinces of shandong as the traditional cotton cultivation in China, although the cotton production from 2008/2009 year accounted for 35% to 13% by 2016/2017, but it is still the nation's largest producing provinces. Shandong cotton yarn annual production of about 25% of total, about 1. 5 million tons. Main cotton production regions including weifang in shandong province, binzhou, Texas, heze. Below 100000 pounds of small and medium-sized plants to produce the traditional 40 comb is given priority to, the following more than 100000 pounds giant is given priority to with producing high-quality combed high. Shandong cotton spinning industry as a whole to blended transformation, increase of new type yarn. Weifang area nearbu and density is given priority to with small plant under 50000 ingot, more diversified products. The end customer for batik and home textile enterprise of towel, yarn produce their own, with pure cotton under 32 products. Home textile bedding manufacturers with local 60 - 80 cotton yarn as the main raw material. Texas Xia Jin is given priority to with production of cotton under 40, capacity of about 2 million spindles. Heze ltd. was cotton textile enterprise scale more than in 20000 - Between 50000 pounds. Average product is given priority to with low pure cotton yarn, yarn count for 32 - 40. Products are mainly sold to jiangsu, zhejiang, Shanghai, fujian and other regions, basic no export business. Province in henan province is China's second largest cotton yarn production, the enterprise mainly concentrated in nanyang, shangqiu, jiaozuo, WuGang, xinxiang, etc. Zhengzhou specified libraries of henan cotton yarn delivery 16, accounted for 46%. Henan and shandong, capacity main products are of more than 100000 pounds cotton combed 32 and combing 40. Production capacity of 50000 pounds or so small mills to produce pure cotton comb at 32 and the following. Henan enterprise future development is given priority to with upgraded precision spinning. Transformation and upgrading of cotton spinning enterprises in jiangsu province earlier in order to produce more than 32 combing mainly in high-grade yarn and blended yarn. Cotton yarn production, concentrated in nantong, jiangsu province, wuxi, yancheng, suzhou and zhangjiagang. Product refinement made in jiangsu province of production in the cotton industry in our country have a certain contract, but the product profit is significantly higher than other provinces. In recent years, become the center of the emerging cotton in xinjiang, the mainland FangQi have to invest in xinjiang. As of June 2017, the xinjiang cotton textile production capacity up to 13. 6 million pounds. Xinjiang shihezi, korla, aksu, kuytun and so on several big cotton spinning industry clusters. Xinjiang cotton production quality and yield were higher than the mainland cotton production, according to the monitoring system is expected to 2017/2018 in xinjiang cotton output of 4. 4 million tons, accounting for almost 80% of national output. FangQi in xinjiang based on the origin, developing the product structure of pure cotton and viscose yarn, yarn count is given priority to with high-grade conventional yarn, air spinning. Xinjiang cotton demand in 2017 is expected to more than 1 million tons, 800000 tons of cotton production in above. 2018 - In 2020, the xinjiang cotton production capacity will reach 18 million spindles ( Including air spinning) Remain at around 26%, cotton on the conversion. Xinjiang construction corps have formed by eight division of northern xinjiang shihezi city, xinjiang division alaer two textile industrial cluster as the core. Area of northern xinjiang spindle scale accounted for 80%, which is suitable for the northwest region's largest shihezi, equipment level, the highest cotton textile city. Product range includes 40, 50, 60 cotton, towels, textile cloth, nylon, etc. Cotton has construction scale more than 200 pounds, printing and dyeing, textile and other downstream industry and rapid development. Southern xinjiang regional scale of spindle accounted for 20%, of which the aral cotton textile size account for 2% of the corps of the scale. Bazhou textile industry has developed rapidly, currently in bazhou development zone the textile and garment enterprises of textile garment city 34, 88 18 growth year on year. 89%. Textile and garment city combined reaches producing capacity of 3. 3 million spindles, under construction capacity of 4. 5 million spindles. Demand for cotton 180000 tons, 2016 are expected to reach 220000 tons in 2017.
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