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by:Chengyi     2020-07-06
The week ( May 29 - June 2) State reserve cotton round out the closing, weeks a week earlier slightly increased, but mainly caused by two reasons: first, weeks round the base price cut 281 yuan/ton, a week before actual transaction price is falling; Second, round the XinJiangMian number to 1. 50000 tons of first-line XinJiangMian sell-through rate is still 100%, pulling up the overall sell-through rate. In addition, ChanMian volume is still not optimistic, one is ground ChanMian price is relatively low; 2 it is to take enterprise storage is still generally be 12 library finished goods storage, caution is more apparent. Weeks, spot market 'drifted' slipped. First, high quality xinjiang cotton prices stable, but the volume decreases. On June 3, shandong, hebei and other places 'double 28 countries store XinJiangMian market price - 16400 16500 yuan/ton ( Pick up the goods, gross weight) 29 ', 'double' double 30 'hand picking cotton prices in 16700 - in xinjiang 16900 yuan/ton, the individual is in 17000 yuan/ton, price fluctuation is not big. But, according to the enterprise feedback rised because market sentiment is strong, the actual volume decreases. Second, ChanMian 'attenuated weak quantity', as of June 3, lu ji and jiangsu and zhejiang area reservoir level 3128 countries ChanMian prices near 15500 yuan/ton, the price fell 100 yuan/ton, near a week earlier. ChanMian's market, the poor spinnability, FangQi only commonly in spun yarn count 32 s and below are the extensive use of state reserve cotton ChanMian or 2016 origin ChanMian, otherwise the main use cotton quality cotton XinJiangMian, Australia, the United States. Other raw materials, weeks viscose staple fiber prices is given priority to with a smooth, 5, jiangsu and zhejiang area 1. 5 d * viscose staple fiber prices remain at 14600-38 mm 14700 yuan/ton, and some companies negotiate prices at 14500 yuan/ton. Polyester staple fiber prices slightly down, 3, jiangsu and zhejiang area 1. Direct spinning polyester staple fiber prices in 7550-4 d 7750 yuan/ton, compared with the previous week fell near 50 yuan/ton. Recently, long-staple cotton prices continue to rise, the 3rd ji lu region long-staple cotton prices in grade 137 and 237 respectively, 22500 yuan/ton, 21300 yuan/ton, up 100 - 200 yuan/ton. Cotton yarn, recent FangQi normal yarn order to fair, according to jiangsu and zhejiang area small and medium-sized FangQi, since June, business orders filled, running at full capacity. But the yarn price continued to fall, great prices attract orders. As of June 3, jiangsu and zhejiang area OE10S, OE12S, OE16S price respectively is 14500 yuan/ton, 14800 yuan/ton, 15200 yuan/ton, price 100 yuan/tons. In addition, comb, 32 s, 40 s selling well, but prices are also down. 3, ji lu district price respectively is 23200 yuan/ton, 24500 yuan/ton, continue to fall 100 yuan/ton. According to the analysis, pure cotton yarn, one is the upstream raw material prices decline; The second is similar market competition. Recently, the cost of pure polyester yarn, blended yarn, and light trading. 3 ji lu area of pure polyester yarn 21 s, 32 s price respectively is 10500 yuan/ton, 11600 yuan/ton, the price is stable. Terylene yarn T65 / C35 21 s price is in 14400 yuan/ton, 32 s price is in 15500 yuan/ton, prices remain stable. Import yarn, according to traders feedback, recent port inventory in June. 30000 tons of a line, continue to fall 0. About 50000 tons. Recently, conventional yarn imports and domestic cotton prices still hangs a line of 1000 yuan/ton, sales of imported yarn is still light, traders to inventory pressure.
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