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Cotton yarn market stabilization recovery remains to be seen - but whether it lasts Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-30
Recently, the local cotton yarn market is slightly better, but the price is still weak in stability, most manufacturers still mainly to inventory. As of August 22, the domestic C32S average closed at 20803 yuan/ton, down from last week 30 yuan/ton. From the point of the yarn inventory, entered the late August, overall situation improved slightly earlier orders. FangQi varieties to inventory, effective and boot is expected to rebound. But many FangQi said, there's almost no big single, small single, take a number of goods increases, and thin margins. As & other; Golden nine silver ten & throughout; The arrival of some FangQi is ready to fully prepared. According to jiangsu and zhejiang area parts manufacturers, said although the market downturn, but everybody to differentiate production, improve technical content, production and sales to keep balance, enterprises also have a good profit. Some traders to develop new varieties, for example, has made the turnover year-on-year growth of 30%. Comparison and study the different performance of the company, you will find they always enterprise management mode is today determines their different results. 1, take advantage of the cheap raw materials, conveniently take goods, lower the cost. The cotton material hesitated in many companies, many experienced manufacturers are quietly take at cheap prices; Part 2, differentiating production, diversified business, traders, and grey enterprises, with electricity marketing, extends the industrial chain, the introduction of advanced technology at the same time, the key to this is the enterprise long-term development. Again from the point of cotton material, the market at present there are two kinds of sound. The first kind of thought has hit bottom. Since Aug. 9, zheng cotton main closed at 12175 yuan/ton, zheng cotton has been low, especially in this week out to about 12800 yuan/ton, no longer appear in the short term rally or crash. In addition, a bearish market seems to have made. First, the us tax have to all the taxes on imports; Second, the 13th of this month, reports that the United States to postpone some Chinese tariffs, and China will immediately purchase U. S. agricultural products in a big way, to ensure the smooth progress of the negotiations in September the talks led to call on negotiations in September. More good news to stimulate, ICE futures rebound sharply, 12 months close to 60 cents, closed at nearly seven days highs. As a result, many optimists think that current cotton has bottomed out. And the second think cotton bottom is still not the end of the also have their own reasons. First, the United States and trend of spreading to the global economic recession. Data shows, the United States government debt has risen to 22. $57 trillion, has been under control, the debt has more than 2018 full-year GDP in the United States. Second, the contradiction between supply and demand is bigger. According to the China cotton association logistics branch survey data, at the end of July the total cotton business inventories of about 288. 810000 tons, fell 45 month. 110000 tons, but from 2017, 2018 annual growth over the same period more than 1 million tons. With the analysis recently some institutions, 2018/19 domestic cotton consumption down or compared with last year more than 1 million tons. Downstream cloth market seems to have improved. Before the market all say not playing & other; Sample & throughout; , & other; Lonely & throughout; 。 June and July this year, the market out of new height also let traders special anxiety, not just the fabric traders, clothing traders also. In a history. the trader's words, recently played more than 200 samples, but did not receive a real. But recently the stalemate seems to have been broken. Shaoxing a traders last week also complained that the orders can't than with previous years, this week said the order quantity in August have with the number of almost the entire month of July. Most companies also said the recent factory production and marketing to make flat, but can be smoothly in the coming days to inventory is still unknown. To sum up, with the traditional peak season approaching, the downstream just need to be gradually released, at least at present the market has already seen & other Glimmers of hope & throughout; 。 But in 2019 the global economy has entered a ramp, the uncertainty of the market is very big, can't escape from all walks of life open the new economic cycle, the textile industry is no exception. But the so-called & other; Crisis & throughout; , & other; Dangerous & throughout; There are also & other; Machine & throughout; , the key to see whether enterprise can comply with the trend, seize the opportunity. Off-season is a brush, to those in the peak season is busy & other Counting money & throughout; The slack out of enterprise, will be a complete cake to those chang huaikang suffering consciousness, innovation breakthrough.
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