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Cotton yarn can't synchronize with cotton rose FangQi worried about running - Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-07-05
Recently, the domestic cotton prices are now rising. Shandong some FangQi controller says Zhao Zong, cotton purchase price on the market for nearly a week in 14600 - 16000 yuan/ton, the state reserve cotton sell-through rate nearly 100%, worry that cotton prices will continue to rise. Inner ZhuiZhuiDe for cotton prices sharply rise rapidly and many companies. Hebei gao Yang, a small FangQi chief says, at the moment they factory has been discontinued. Analysis of reasons: first, cotton prices continue to rise, spinning costs rise faster. Comb with their factory production, 32 s, for example, at present has reached 19900 - cost 20000 yuan/ton, but still wandering in the 19600 - selling price 19900 yuan/ton, the cost is 'upside down'. Second, the cotton rose is difficult. Compared with cotton, since July, 1200 - domestic cotton prices rise 1300 yuan/ton, cotton rose by just 300 - 400 yuan/ton, let FangQi struggling to survive. So, why can't cotton yarn and cotton synchronous rise? Basically has the following several reasons: 1, the overcapacity problem has not been solved effectively. Since 2016, the domestic many small and medium-sized FangQi collapse, but excess capacity problem is still outstanding. Shandong some FangQi manager zhao said that the two situations: one is since this year cotton textile industry in xinjiang, but the production of yarn and the mainland market fight for market share; 2 it is domestic out-migration has formed a large scale, and most are sold to the domestic production of yarn, and impact on the domestic market, the mainland yarn supply loose. 2, the yarn impact has intensified. According to the feedback traders, 6 - In July, outside the port of yarn so situation, quantity and price to achieve yarn, yarn in Indonesia and Vietnam yarn, especially India prices are rising not only, also sales progress faster. 27, Qingdao port a trader feedback, now the port bonded area outside the yarn stock in 1. More than 50000 tons, in order to India, Indonesia, Vietnam, the United States origin yarn is given priority to, due to the sales situation is good, traders actively shipment, the impact on the domestic yarn is bigger. 3, the characteristics of cotton season, obviously. In an average year, 6 - Traditional low season in September for textile, especially this year's off-season features more obvious. Market analysis, the cause of this year sales light is various, one of the main reasons is still no obvious improvement in the downstream consumption, export situation is not optimistic, especially cotton industry internal debt problem is very outstanding. Found in the enterprise and enterprise in the process of communication, the reason for the inner tension is the upstream raw material prices continue to rise, the second is the downstream consumer downturn, yarn sales sluggish. And, as things stand, most companies think this year and next year the bigger the probability of domestic cotton prices.
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