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Cotton vice market | Sino-US trade friction is temporarily difficult to alleviate, cotton vice prices firm

by:Chengyi     2021-03-15
Contributed by Correspondent of China Cotton Net: Sino-US trade frictions have escalated, and the RMB has depreciated sharply by more than 300 points, pushing up the cost of soybean imports. At this time, the domestic cotton sub-processing has come to an end, the price of cotton oil has been low in recent years, and the quantity of cotton meal is also relatively limited. There is still a period of time before the new cotton goes on the market, and the supply of the cotton sub-market may still have a 'gap period.' 'The price of the vice-manufacturer of cotton is relatively strong, and the price of the vice-cotton is likely to rise but not fall recently.   On July 12, the domestic cottonseed purchase price remained stable. Seed cotton processing is basically over, cottonseed supplies are declining, and there are fewer vehicles from Xinjiang to the inland, and the export volume is not large, supporting the stability of cottonseed prices that day. However, the overall shipments of cotton by-products are average, and cottonseed oil plants are more cautious in purchasing high-priced cottonseeds. Australian cottonseeds are coming to the factories one after another, which restricts the cottonseed market and makes it difficult for its prices to rise sharply for the time being.   On July 12, most domestic cotton oil prices remained stable. The Sino-US trade friction continues, the cost of imported soybeans and oil prices has increased, limiting the room for adjustments in the oil market, the operating rate of cotton oil plants is hovering at a low level, the output of cotton oil is limited, and the price of cotton oil is low in recent years, sellers are more willing to stand up for the price Strong, supporting that cotton oil prices stopped falling and stabilized on the day.   On July 12, most domestic cotton meal prices remained stable. The Sino-US trade friction escalated again, pushing up the cost of soybean imports. In addition, the weather turns hot, the peak season for aquaculture is coming, the demand for meal is expected to improve, and the US soybean hype season is approaching. Overall, it is expected that the price of short-term cotton meal will still fluctuate strongly.   On July 12, most domestic cotton linters prices remained stable. At present, the overall performance of the cotton by-products market is not good. The cottonseed oil plant is not willing to start up. The supply of cotton linters in the market is relatively limited. In addition to the high cost, the oil plants are still reluctant to sell at a price, which supports the stabilization of the price of linters that day. Article Keywords:  Cotton Vice Quotes
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