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Cotton textile quality upgrade BBS will be held in Qingdao - 2017 Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-07-08
Sponsored by the China cotton textile industry association '2017 cotton quality upgrade peak BBS and Qingdao, big white shark, boundary springs BBS, chief engineer of China cotton textile', in 2017 September 17 ~ 19 held in Qingdao. BBS will be 'fine innovation promote efficiency' as the theme, the quality of the focus problem for enterprise, to explore new thinking and new technology, innovation of management and spinning fine pragmatic, for security, correctly handle the relationship between quality and cost, and effectively promote the enterprise quality benefit of ascension. It is reported that this year's BBS will form innovation meeting, special industry leader, the Chinese Academy of Engineering, college professor forecast analysis industry situation and market environment, discusses the creative thinking quality, and the efficiency of textile industry and the path, and guide textile enterprises establish quality benefit coping mechanisms and strategies effectively. Industry enterprises, the listed company executives will improve product quality, reduce the production cost, promote the quality benefit share successful experiences in new growth. At present, the conference registration enterprise has ultra hundred. In addition, during the AD hoc quality benefit growth and carding technology project BBS plate, focus mainly on quality benefit growth problems in workshops.
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