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Cotton textile enterprises to increase the quality cotton inventories - climate index rise Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-22
On June 22, China cotton textile industry association issued China cotton textile boom index in May. The index shows that compared with April, in May China cotton textile boom index rose 0. 98 to 50. 21, in line with expectations. Among them, may rapidly rising cotton prices in futures market spot, gauze products with higher price, national cotton reserves sell-through rate high. Under the support of the original order, the enterprise normal production, the yarn sales is more popular. In may, according to raw material inventory yoy increase 3 cotton textile enterprises. 93%. Among them, the inventory of raw cotton yoy increase 5. 01%; The cotton fiber inventory yoy increase 0. 88%. According to the analysis, the reason of inventory yoy increase include: the market for cotton prices for the medium and long term bullish, enterprises increase inventory of raw cotton; High quality cotton gap is big, enterprises increase quality cotton stocks; Better differentiated product markets, to ensure the stability and continuity of production, some enterprises increase inventory polyester staple. According to the analysis, in June this year, under the policy stimulus, and the national cotton reserves cotton prices in futures market spot conversion rates are falling, but in the late cotton prices still rising. Survey data show that about 30% of the companies wait to exist for original materials storehouse, within one month of June raw materials inventory index and may flat or slightly down.
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