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Cotton textile conference at zhejiang lanxi - Internet + brand development Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-23
'2018 China cotton textile Internet + brand development conference' was held here on the 26th. China's textile industry experts, as well as on behalf of more than 200 people gather in lanxi industrial chain upstream and downstream enterprises, explore the industry with high quality, the road of sustainable development. Lanxi returnees youth zhu wenbin and lanxi double lamp home textile co. , LTD. , cooperation, independent research and development of 'ecological induction Mintowel towel' with 'contamination discoloration, decontamination recover' function, caused a stir within the industry was introduced. Filed research and development of ideas, but not always verbalizing, he and his partner is through each big electric business platform, read the article associated with towel tens of thousands of bad review times, and record one by one, make the form, analysis of market-oriented research and development. Use big data to find accurate demand, 'Internet + brand' is bring new opportunities for cotton textile industry. Early in the southern song dynasty period, lanxi textile industry began to sprout. In recent years, lanxi municipal party committee, municipal government attaches great importance to the cultivation of textile industry, prominent with textile fashion as the theme, in order to improve the innovation ability as the guidance, promote transformation and upgrading of textile industry, and enhance the core competitiveness. Successively introduced several opinions on accelerating the development of the textile industry, 'the lanxi fashion textile development' much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning ', 'about a comprehensive revitalization of the real economy to speed up the traditional industries to upgrade the several opinions,' about to further reduce the enterprise cost optimization of several opinions of the development environment, such as policy, every year to support the technological upgrading of textile industry, science and technology financial fund amounted to over 50 million. In the critical period of textile industrial transformation and upgrading, lanxi attaches great importance to fashion the development of the textile industry, established lanxi FangZhiJu fashion, and set up two FangYuan jiangnan branch in zhejiang university of science and technology, the textile professional technology transfer center. Has released the list of top 2017 enterprises of China cotton textile industry competitiveness, lanxi gold hooks textile, textile, seven stars, boat immediately holdings, xin textile, xin hai, wesson textile cotton textile enterprises on the list. Currently, lanxi city has more than 1600 textile enterprises, the introduction of the world's most advanced Toyota imported more than 20000 sets of air jet loom, rapier loom 10000 units, such as import thing more than 300 ten thousand yuan machine more than 100 sets of imported automatic wear, improve the labor productivity of 40%. In 2017, lanxi textile gauge of 147 enterprises, realize the output value 28. 6 billion yuan, up 10% year on year, 12 consecutive years of double-digit growth, accounted for from 12% to 39%; The implementation regulations on the industrial added value of 56. 200 million yuan, rose 7. 1%, formed the spinning, weaving, dyeing and printing, color cloth, denim, home textile, clothing, towel cloth industries such as relatively complete industrial chain, have greater visibility and important influence is the present domestic cotton textile industry gathering area.
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