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by:Chengyi     2020-07-03
Business club on November 10, recently, in more than one meeting of the national within the scope of the enterprise, the questionnaire survey and visit in zhejiang, jiangsu, shandong and other regions. In the third quarter of 2015 years ago, from tracking enterprise gauze production achieved a slight increase over the previous year, according to data industry generally stable running. From the research situation, cotton textile enterprise in the product structure, sales order, there is some difference in such aspects as management benefit, show the trend of the two levels of differentiation. Characteristic become the growth point more companies try to cotton yarn from the start, companies surveyed, flat year-on-year in the first three quarters of founding rate of enterprises accounted for more than 66. 7%, rose and fell, respectively accounted for more than 17. 6% and 15. 7%. Due to product positioning, business situation is different, cotton textile enterprise presents the polarization characteristics in terms of construction. This research in the enterprise, has the spinning equipment enterprises accounted for more than 81. 5%, among them in the first three quarters of yarn production accounted for 52 cumulative flat year-on-year. 3%, year-on-year increase accounted for 29. The proportion of 5%, slightly higher than the reduced compared to the enterprise. Yarn production growth enterprise main varieties with blended yarn, multicomponent yarn, compact spinning, siro spinning, colored spun yarn and other special products in the majority, but downstream demand space is limited, growth is small. Basic pure cotton yarn, yarn production is to reduce the enterprise's combed yarn, the yarn is low and medium such as conventional products, homogenized competition is bigger. In the use of raw materials, the use of year-on-year increase in the proportion of cotton fiber or flat enterprises accounted for 88. 2%, more than a quarter of the company increased the proportion of the use of the cotton fiber. With the weaving equipment enterprises accounted for 46. 3%, in the first three quarters of cloth production accumulated flat year-on-year accounted for 44%, year-on-year increase of 36%, year-on-year decrease of 20%. Compared with the spinning enterprise, cloth production enterprises more than fell year-on-year growth. This year, according to the General Administration of Customs, in the first three quarters of the total imports of cotton yarn 1. 83 million tons, compared to 24. 4%, import prices fell by 12. 4%. Under the action of imported yarn cost advantage, part of weaving enterprise production is relatively stable. Gauze price continues to fall FangQi payback periods increase since this year, pure cotton industry chain upstream and downstream prices continue to fall, companies often cut prices, when markets wait-and-see mood too thick, even on sale, also difficult to shipment. By the end of the third quarter, research enterprise products accounted for more than 48 inventory flat year-on-year. 1%, compared with the reduce of 30. 8%, an increase of 21. 2%. Under the weak market downturn in the market, price, inventory increase means loss, control inventory becomes the key to the current textile enterprise survival. Companies surveyed, product accounts receivable payback periods in more than 20 days, all the enterprises in the 30 ~ 60 days accounted for more than 40. One of 18 of 8%, more than 60 days. 4%. It is understood that the textile enterprise fund pressure, with Banks more constraints on loan. Poor sales also lead to cash liquidity is abate, part of the enterprise capital turnover is only about 2. Five times per year. In addition, look from long-term development, equipment modification, technology upgrading and product development also need to invest a lot of money, FangQi said a lot of pressure. Export quality technological order is conditioned by the raw material was research in the enterprise, the product of direct export enterprise first direct exports accounted for 26% of flat year-on-year in the third quarter, compared with the increasing number of enterprises accounted for more than 22. Enterprises accounted for more than 16 3% year-on-year decline. 7%. Textile enterprises export competitiveness also appears polarized pattern, something of the core technology, independent research and development products, has a stable customer base enterprise exports relatively stable; And rely on cost competition evident in the declining competitiveness of enterprise, a batch of enterprises by the customs for verification order to reduce the influence of processing trade, another part of the high-end enterprise is limited by cotton import quotas, unable to purchase imports of cotton according to customer's request and was forced to give up part of high value-added international orders. Leading enterprise transformation and upgrading of profitable reasonable layout compared with last year, despite a slight increase on sales, but because prices continued downward, profitability has certain difficulty. This research in the enterprise, in the first three quarters of this year accounted for more than 44 profit flat year-on-year. 9%, the percentage of loss-incurring enterprises 28. 6%. Although markets owe good, percentage of loss-incurring enterprises high, but still there are 26. Earnings rose 5%, some leading enterprises by constantly adjusting profit structure, stimulating the development of the industry. Companies surveyed, 2015 investment accounted for more than 62 year-on-year increase or equal. Accounts for 6%, with the technical upgrade than 56. 1%, industrial transfer accounts for more than 24. 4%, new investment accounted for more than 19. 5%. It is known that most of the textile enterprises are actively planning for the future, according to the reality of the enterprise in the process of transformation and upgrading, improve equipment automation degree, reduce the labor, and actively cost, raw material and policy oriented to shift capacity and reasonable layout. Four issues affect the confidence to fully market-oriented companies surveyed think cotton textile industry is facing the biggest problem, and its proportion in the order: first, the market demand is weak, accounted for 51. 9%; Second, the cost of rising too fast, accounting for more than 46. 3%; Third, the contradiction in raw material of 20. 4%; Fourth, money is tight, accounting for more than 16. 7%. Market demand is expected to rebound time accounts for the greater than the later. At present, the textile enterprises lack of confidence in the recovery of the market, hope that through good policy to give industry a greater space and boost confidence in the industry. Line to this, the cotton association called for in the short term by increasing the supply of cotton import quota distribution to ensure high quality resources for industry sustainable development, further improve the market mechanism, give the textile industry a bigger development space, fully equal participation international competition.
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