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by:Chengyi     2020-07-04
April 25, the announcement of the country national cotton reserves rotation related arrangement, at the same time the national cotton trading market, China national cotton reserves management corporation, China fiber inspection bureau respectively according to the announcement made the national cotton reserves 2015/2016 country round out the trading method ', '2015/2016 countries national cotton reserves outbound rules' and 'the national cotton reserves 2015/2016 country round out the measures for the implementation of notary inspection, if scan three round out the rules, issued by the department will find there are a lot of bright spots. Orderly national cotton reserves inventory digestion countries, in order to adjust reserves to a reasonable level, the national cotton reserves this year round not only improved the operating mode, and improve the efficiency of the reserve regulation. Round the rules compared with previous years, this year round out the biggest bright spot is round out the bottom line and inspection standards. The 2016 national national cotton reserves round out the sales floor price ( Fold the standard 3128) Will be on the basis of domestic and international cotton prices dynamically adjust once a week, the specific calculation formula is: a week on the domestic market of cotton on the spot price index x weight arithmetic average 50% + week international cotton market spot price index is 50% by weight arithmetic average. The standard of national cotton reserves sales floor price by market published by the China cotton association table calculate and determine the relevant quality price difference. In previous years, basic it is country on the basis of the market to establish a round out the floor price, and will be used during the whole round out the fixed price. The advantage of this year is to facilitate the downstream enterprises to bid at any time to the appropriate price of cotton, improve the enthusiasm of the bidding enterprise. In addition to round bid, all the way of public prosecutor is also a major bright spot. This year the national cotton reserves outbound detailed rules for the implementation regulations of the state, the domestic cotton in this year's outbound 100% public prosecutor ( Quality inspection swarms, weight index indicators bag) Differences in tolerance range, quality and weight determined according to the results of sales. Imports of cotton quality inspection in accordance with the 10% sampling inspection, according to the incoming inspection of sales net weight. In previous years, both in domestic cotton and imports of cotton is according to certain proportion sampling inspection. In addition, with the usual domestic cotton quality inspection mill worker only, color level, imports of cotton quality inspection mill worker only incompatible micronaire, color, length, the difference is that public prosecutor index has increased a lot this year. Domestic cotton inspection level indicators including the weight, color, rolling quality incompatible micronaire, length, and the breaking strength, length uniformity index; Imports of cotton test indexes including color, rolling work quality, length, incompatible micronaire, the breaking strength, length uniformity index. National cotton reserves this year round the rules compared with previous years, of course, there are a lot of bright spots, and highlight all boils down to one word is meet the demand of cotton enterprises, improve the enterprise participation, bidding enterprise security interests, promote the benign and healthy development of the industry in the national reform of supply side do effective to inventory.
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